A Post-Trump World

15134347_1192742807483413_38180041_nIf all goes according to the Trump and Crony Plan, America will be a Post Trump Apocalypse in a year or so. I don’t think it will take the full four years to create absolute chaos. One, maybe two years at the most. Imagine: A full on GOP culture (Grab Our Pussies); the deportation of millions of Muslims; a gigantic wall along the Mexican American border; totally privatised health care; a totally privatised prison system; deregulated banks (since when were they regulated?); who knows what the Soviet Cuddle Connection will bring. That is only a partial list: Trump = Loose Cannon Inc. All of this will be pushed within the first year of the Trump and Crony Presidency. Truthfully, the horror is way beyond my imagination. Don’t get too depressed. There IS a silver lining. The sales of anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications are skyrocketing.

Do you want to know a secret? I voted for Trump. It took tremendous effort to fill in that tiny dot with ink, but I managed it. Why did I carry out such a clearly criminal act? For 6 simple reasons.


1. To prove once and for all that Democracy is a SYSTEM FAIL.
2. To demonstrate that Democracy is founded on nepotism and cronyism i.e.: the Trump Family Dynasty and friends.
3. To show that mammonites, psychopaths and sheep love Democracy.
4. The Trump and Crony Plan will bury Democracy once and for all.
5. To demonstrate that Americans are really, really brainwashed and are infected with Stockholm Syndrome (they love their abusers). Who the hell nominates a super rich, sleazy, openly misogynist reality TV host for President? Psychopaths are currently in positions of power. Who falls for his slick sales tactics and then votes for him? Only reality TV addicted idiots (and a few radicals like me who didn’t ‘fall’ for anything).

I am betting that when Americans of all parties are finally on their knees, surrounded by the rubble of their failed society, begging the world to forgive their collective stupidity, maybe, just maybe they will be ready for a Ronnie Realistic Solution i.e.: Meritocracy. I am betting my life on it.


Want to know how America got conned by an openly misogynistic, sociopathic liar, psychopathic, racist, narcissistic mammon worshipper with bad hair? Check out his websites. You have to admit, Donald Trump IS a great salesman.



assets.donaldjtrump.com (contract with America)



Karen Shaw writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©



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