Free-Market Capitalism Does Not Reflect Human Nature. It Destroys It.

anti_capitalism1The core philosophical argument in favour of free-market capitalism constantly returns to the same tired reasoning regardless of all of its flaws and inconsistencies which are pointed out to its proponents. Yet still Capitalists claim it is the only economic system which caters to and understands “human nature.”

Their thin layer of understanding about human evolution which, essentially is the “law of the jungle” seems to support the selfishness which stands behind Free-market Capitalism.. After all, according to Darwinism, we’ve only gotten to this point because of brutal, relentless competition which allowed us to survive and evolve.


Is free-market capitalism a result of Darwinian evolution?


But are we here economically due to this brutal, ruthless, evolutionary instinct? The ideology of free-market capitalism would actually disagree with this.


Did early humans who were competing with one another pay for lobbyists to influence the alphas of the jungle to let them do what they pleased?


Did early humans who were competing with one another have a police force in their pocket to harass other animals and protect their vast resources?


Did early humans who were competing with one another have access to the media with which to spread their ideas of self-interested competition? Did they own that media? If the average person grows up never hearing a single negative thing about the system that indiscriminately crushes millions in its wake, do you think they will ever question its existence and validity? Regardless of one’s side in the nature vs. nurture debate, this question merits asking.


My point is: even the ultra-greedy, completely self-interested economic (and therefore political) rulers of the world see the need to work together to ensure their continued dominance. True competition does not exist, at least not anymore. And it never will as long as there is a free (rigged) market at the fore.


Why can’t healthy, fair competition exist among humans? Why is is that only the super rich work together while the rest of us compete?


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Can Free-Market Capitalism be explained using the theory of consciousness?


Pure Darwinism only applies to animals. Humans, with their developing neo-cortices, had the capability of producing self-consciousness and, therefore, free-will and foresight. Free-market capitalism’s misunderstanding of human nature stems from how consciousness came to be.


We became conscious as a species purely through socialisation and collaboration. Without others to confirm our existence as individuals, our conscious ego could never have developed. Through language, we gradually recognised that we were each different, with different thoughts, feelings, qualia, etc.


Basically, human nature, at its core, is social. We would not be able to espouse the ideal of “rational” self interest (as economists like to call it) and cutthroat, free-market capitalism if we were never social creatures who intuitively recognised the need to not be cutthroat and purely self-interested.


Now, we can label this as a form of self-interest (as I have explained in a previous article) but, leaving pedantry behind, it is clear that in order for human civilisation to have existed in the first place, humans needed to cooperate and look past their own immediate interest in maximising their individual power for a higher purpose: consciousness, free-will, and self-directed evolution.


Does pure self-interest, survival, instant gratification, and brutal aggression have a part in human nature? Of course. Before were we truly humans or were we animals? Those characteristics exist in our lower, id-ish, reptilian brains. The question to ask yourself is: why did we evolve the ability to transcend those impulses? Was it so we could ignore the more rational aspects that we developed?


That is exactly what we’ve done so far. The system of right now only appeals to our animalistic, childish and insecure reptilian brain. We need instant gratification, we need to be told we’re special, we need garbage surrounding and penetrating us so that there’s no risk of us putting that higher brain to good use.


As computer scientists say: garbage in, garbage out.


Has free-market capitalism taken away our humanity?


We are no longer human. We aren’t even animals anymore. We’re automatons. The elite have debased us to the point of abject meaninglessness. We are no longer souls with subjectivity. We are objects existing for the express purpose of powering a machine whose every part is breaking down.


Free-market capitalism is doing exactly that, and its appeal to human nature collapses in on itself when we see the ideology for what it is: a massive, global excuse for us to accept the enrichment of the few at the cost of everyone and everything else. It has turned us all into monsters and nearly completely eradicated our ability to use out neo-cortex, our higher thought.


We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t meant to cooperate for a higher goal. As it stands, we have a few rich cartels cooperating for their own higher (or should I say as low as Hell itself) goals, while they divide us by age, race, gender, physical ability, and whatever else their media wants to convince us is important to our fragile identities.


They’re just a bunch of old, fat, saggy men who haven’t earned a thing in their lives while convincing themselves that they’re our gods because of that exact reason.


Unplug their life support. In fact, smash the mechanisms that allowed this in the first place. 100% Inheritance Tax and the destruction of offshore banking will allow us all room to breathe for the first time.


Support The Meritocracy Party.


Brett Urben writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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