Psychopaths Rule America!

Do psychopaths rule the US?


american_psycho_1The election results showed us that America has got a mental problem. An epidemic of psychopaths has overtaken the United States. Is it any wonder why this orange Cheeto primordial slime got “elected”?

In the counselling world, those without a conscience are called psychopaths. I tend to see it a little more deeper than that. Yes, we have the obvious charming psychopaths running around that have Jekyll/Hyde personalities or the violent serial killer types, but only 1% of the overall population qualifies as one of these psychopaths.

Robert Hare developed the Hare Psychopathy Checklist in the 1980s and it’s since become a tool used for assessing and diagnosing the condition. Contrary to popular notions, lots of psychopaths aren’t obvious raging lunatics or violent criminals, in fact most of them get along perfectly well in society, and most of them wear business suits! From the CEO to the lawyer, the banker, media personalities, salespeople, law enforcement/military, clergy, surgeons… and the highest of them all (drum roll please…) POLITICIANS!


This current two party system seems to breed psychopaths in abundance. Psychopaths habitually offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead of themselves. In addition to just being psychopaths, they often have narcissistic personality disorder.


They are known for “gaslighting” their victims, which is a type of brainwashing which can involve convincing a mentally healthy person that they are going insane or that their understanding of reality is false. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses. I would say that’s 85% of the American population, indeed!


In the corporate world, social settings, and everyday relationships, there is a psychopathy epidemic. It has been said that corporate psychopaths caused the most recent financial crisis. I believe it! From the bankers to our government and from there to the corporations, then to the little people, the slaves. America is an insane asylum, not far from the series called American Horror Story. We are truly living an American horror story. “Hell” on earth, can be a state of mind that most Americans are making into their own reality. Our problems are mostly of our own making, but our governments, doctors, lawyers, the Abrahamic religions etc. do not help, they only make it worse.


It seems surreal to live in a world which is taught by reality TV shows to behave in a psychopathic, hyper competitive and selfish manner. They are training you to crush your opponent in a blatantly cruel and psychopathic manner. This is not human nature as it should be in the modern era. This is a caveman mentality. And especially in America this seems to be a way of life, the norm. Donald
Trump’s “The Apprentice” is a great example. I can see even more clearly now why he was elected. It says a lot about the American state of mind.


Does Big Pharma contribute to the making of psychopaths?


Let’s look at some of America’s problems to discover the psychopaths lurking beneath. I would say Big Pharma is a BIG part of the problem. Prescription drugs are a major reason why people today are more apathetic than empathetic. The results are the same with high amounts of alcohol, which is also a drug, but prescribed medicines seem to be the winner in good ol’ America. They are the chosen method of inducing ‘numbness.’


And those millions are many American’s who can’t seem to handle their emotions anymore in a natural, healthy way. The way it’s meant to be. This is where Mythos and Logos should come in. You can’t have the light without the dark. You can’t have reason and logic without seeing first who you really are at your core.Your mistakes in life, your insecurities, your deepest failures, the deepest wounds at the core of your being that must be owned and embraced to move forward and then to overcome them. That is when you can evolve from Mythos thinking to more logical thinking. Would we need Big Pharma then? America has to change it’s rotten belief systems if it wants to rid itself of the insanity and get well again.



In the medical profession the antipsychotic / PSYCHOtropic drugs can make people act out in an irrational manner which ironically is the opposite of what the drug is suppose to do. If anything, this sounds very psychotic to me, not “anti psychotic” as the drug’s name claims.Typical of scientific materialists to be programming the minds of the medical profession. These drugs are also given to our American military men by our military doctors, to make them less emotional, less empathetic, compassionate and more apathetic, distrusting and enraged. It is creating psychosis more than anything and too much of these medications can kill neurons as they kill your pain away. They keep you from having any compassion as you are blowing up an invisible enemy that your government says you need to get rid of, and then “accidentally” blow up children in the process. That is called Genocide. You can thank Big Pharma for that. Or you can thank the “zombie apocalypse” coming soon to an insane asylum near you. We can also see that these drugs are given to American law enforcement, the men in blue. All we have to do is look at our news feed on social networks and see an enormous amount of violent cop videos pop up, exposing them as they kill innocent people all over America, even pets get blasted by a shotgun. It’s truly insane! I know there are some good people in military and in law enforcement, but it’s fading quickly.


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There seems to be more and more military zombies than there are of sane men in blue protecting our
citizens. Is it the drugs they are ordered to take? Or are they just born that way?
Dr. Peter Breggin author of the 2008 book “Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatry Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime,” writes that the intensive use of prescription medications came about through the influence of the pharmaceutical industry over the military and VA (Veterans Affairs). Soon after the start of the second Gulf War, Breggin said, “we saw a sea of change in the prescribing of these drugs to our troops. This cannot be accounted for by anything other than military decisions at the very top that were certainly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, which markets from the top down, then the drugs flow to millions.”

Religions also add a few psychopaths into the mix.


Abrahamic religious organisations breed psychopaths too, ruled by psycho priests, preachers,
televangelists, rabbis, imams, gurus and so on… Not all are, but there are many out there with diabolical intentions. Sex abuse, murders and child rape occur on a daily basis. They provide easy
access to victims, a source for financial rewards and legitimacy based on having a divinely ordained
position. And just in case, if any are exposed for their wrong doings, churches provide opportunities for excellent blackmail material to use on potential victims. Sounds like a diabolical plan to me!


What is the solution to Psychopaths Incorporated?

“It would take 10 years to change the surface of the earth. To save our environment, considering our
stupidity, our conflict, we’ve got to reorganise our way of thinking and reconsider our social aims. We
must put our minds to this as we do to put a man on the moon.” ~ Jacque Fresco from The Venus


Changing the values and belief systems of an entire culture is an even more gigantic undertaking. It can easily seem a distant goal. One so hard to achieve that even the strongest would be discouraged. But there is a plan. A Meritocratic system of governance will banish the insane asylum in America once and for all. A 100% inheritance tax on the wealthy would abolish the insanity which starts with the elites of society such as the bankers, oil dynasties, our government and religious institutions to the massive corporations. The culture of the elites soons falls to the slaves of society. It’s a vicious cycle that will finally end once the voice of reason takes over. Knowledge is power, let’s use it! Let’s take back this country and make into what it was meant to have been. Let’s make this country a ripple effect for the world, a source of logic and reason for the world at large to follow… The real New World Order made for We The People, and not made for the hordes of narcissistic psychopathic elites who are destroying America.


Karina Figueroa writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©



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