Time Never Changes Anything – Thinking Does

ghgdSome people say ‘time heals’, ‘only time will tell’, ‘it’s only a matter of time’, or ‘time waits for no man’. These are all false statements founded on erroneous, non-mathematical thinking. They are incorrectly stating that it is ‘time’ that creates change, this can be disproven using reason. It is Mind that creates change. Mind is the motion/energy that creates change via the act of thinking, and has the potential to instigate a flash-point to achieve instantaneous global reason.

Time for Instantaneous Global Reason

Let me explain how this is so, by quoting a few axioms from the God Series by Mike Hockney.

‘…10) Energy/motion can take place through space, time (imaginary space) or both.

11) Time flows no more than space does. What actually happens is that energy flows through space, through imaginary space (time) or through space-time.

12) People talk of travelling through space and the “passing” of time. They should in fact talk of travelling through space or travelling through imaginary space (time) and they could as validly talk of space “passing” as time.

13) travel through space is psychologically experienced radically differently from travel through time, but exactly the same process is taking place, except in one case travel is taking place through real space and in the other its taking place through imaginary space.’
– Hyperreality, Mike Hockney.

Therefore the earlier erroneous quotes try to infer that ‘time creates change’, but time is simply imaginary space, so by the same logic you could also say ‘space creates change’, which also doesn’t stand against reason.

Mind is the creator of Motion, which is the creator of change, not time, it is simply a domain in which motion (energy) passes through in order to create change. Motion is energy, and energy is mind, i.e. thinking.

Therefore change can only occur via thinking or reasoning.



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The more rational and reasonable you are, the more mathematical you are. Therefore in order to create change you must first understand mathematics in order to think properly.

Change will not occur through the ‘passage’ of time. It will not heal. It will not tell. It does not matter. It WILL wait for man, because until man starts to think, (i.e. dimensional energy/motion), change will not occur, and ‘time will stand still’ in space and in imaginary space (time).


The Stoppers of Time

The current state of the General Will has been ground to a motionless standstill of unthinking last-men by the ultimate soothsayers, the Global Elite. Their constantly subvert the General Will via their provision of ‘Bread and Circuses’. Their artful way of hypnotising and distracting the masses with reality TV, two party politics, a false democracy, Abrahamic Religion, and by numbing the mind and body with junk food.


By creating a paradigm of ‘material satisfaction’ in the Western World which states that as long as you own your own house, car, and have a family, there is no more to be achieved, you have fulfilled your ‘Purpose in Life’. Those in the Gno’, know this to be utterly false. There is limited to NO motion in People. They are fast asleep at the wheel, drifting in space, and drifting through imaginary space. No change will occur in them until they begin to think for themselves. They have refused to accept their daily bread or watch the circuses that are readily available. This won’t be easy for the average person, and will take courage and discipline in order to break bad habits conditioned into them by a mislead culture. The freedom gained once these habits are broken is nothing short of divine.

The majority of people can’t think or reason. Therefore little will change until they do.
In order for change to occur, thinking, i.e. motion or energy must flow, the passing of ‘time’ will change nothing.

Only when people begin to think will the General Populous be able to begin the uphill trek, up and out of this low, stagnant period of human history. We must awaken from this deep slumber, into consciousness and begin the motion toward the Omega Point.

We can all learn how to think and reason via the study of Ontological Mathematics and the God Series by Mike Hockney and the other book series by Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust. They provide structured material that provides a road-map to understanding Ontological Mathematics. The more of us that undertake the study of this material, the sooner the inertia of humanity will begin to move forward to an era positive creation, rather than rampant destruction.

Time is not a pre-requisite to thinking, therefore when we all begin to think in synchrony we can achieve instantaneous global reason. Once critical mass has been reached, a paradigm shift occurs, a flash-point of agreement will suddenly be arrived at. It is not required for change to occur, instead it is thinking people who create the motion and change through their Will to Power.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has ~ Margaret Mead.

AIR are that group of thoughtful, committed citizens, steered by reason, supported by the logic and Truth of mathematics, who have absolute confidence that the rise of rational, reasonable and logical thinking will indeed change this world, to create the best of all possible worlds.


Change is inevitable, but don’t wait for time to start thinking, the only time is now!


Scott Gordon writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©



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