Ground Zero

Ground Zero: “An area of fast change or intense activity. : the beginning state or starting point.” Wikipedia


Illuminism and Meritocracy go hand in hand. Ground Zero or Zero is the starting point for both. The life cycle of an empire lasts 250 years or ten generations. We have went through five of the six stages: Pioneer, Conquest , Commerce, Affluence, and Intellect. We are in the last stage of a dying empire, the stage of decadence. Have you noticed the massive disparities between rich and poor, or the over developed military? How about the gross disparities of wealth, or how some desire to live off the over inflated state? Plus, the obsession of wealth and the debasement of money. The U.S.A’s military is a little underdeveloped at the moment but do not worry with Donald Trump as President we will be well on our way to an over developed military . These are all signs of the age of decadence.

Ground Zero to the End


We are at the end of our empire. Every ending brings a new beginning. We are at Ground Zero for a new beginning, we have the first movers advantage in our Left Wing Meritocratic system and Illuminism . Illuminism is a highly developed form of Gnosticism, which includes Ontological Mathematics, Philosophy, and Science. Ontological mathematics can explain all of existence. It is from Zero all of existence begins.


Did you know that 1% percent of the population, owns 40% of the world’s money? Did you know that over 50% of the worlds population lives off less than $2 a day? Did you know that 97% of currency in the USA is electronic and only 3% is tangible? This is true. Our government electronically creates “Treasury Bonds” and the privately owned Federal Reserve electronically creates “Federal Reserve Notes” (or money), and then they trade electronically and our government deposits the Federal Reserve notes in the bank. Therefore, government bonds by design are instruments of debt. Money creation comes from debt. We have become economically enslaved using this elaborate manipulation and by cognitive mapping.



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A New World Order is essential. United we will stand. Divided we will continue to be enslaved and fall. A 100% Inheritance tax would be the first step to levelling the playing field. The sole design of the inheritance tax is to dethrone the elite, who own the majority of the world’s money. When they die there would no longer be any inherited advantage. Cronyism and nepotism would cease to exist. Everyone would start at the same point in life, those who work harder and are more talented would go further. They would enjoy the fruits of their labour, live life to the fullest, they deserve it. Spend all you want because you can’t take it with you, for whatever you make is for you in this lifetime and cannot be willed to another, passing on an unearned advantage.

Ground Zero for Education


New schools would be designed based on logic and reason, with each person taking a Myers-Briggs personality test so they would excel in areas that are most suited for them, each person taking 10,000 hours of education in the field that bests suits them, so they can become experts. Everything within our meritocratic society will evolve dialectically, through contradictions, constantly refining. We will no longer lose hundreds or thousands of years locked in a dead end paradigm. Science will excel and evolve with ontological mathematics via the Hegelian dialectic. Health care would be free. Everyone would have a chance to live mentally and physically free and healthy to their fullest potential. Everyone working together would create a healthy and well functioning community that would constantly dialectically strive to improve.


Ground Zero for Religion


Illuminism is the only religion of reason, and “reason is” not “the Devil’s whore” like Martin Luther would say. Reason is rational, believing is irrational, reason is knowing and not believing, believing something by faith is irrational and insane. Illuminism is against all Abrahamic faiths. Abrahamic religions keep people dumbed down and under control. Illuminism is about optimising the self through an evolutionary process based on Leibniz monadology, where we start at blank potential and by acquiring knowledge, using logic / reason via a dialectical process we find resolutions through contradictions, involving thesis, antithesis and synthesis and eventually we self actualise, reaching our full potential. We arrive at our Omega point and become our own God.


“All THINGS ARE NUMBERS” – Pythagoras


Ontological mathematics is the cornerstone of Illuminism. In fact, Ontological mathematics can describe everything. Ontological mathematics can best be described using Euler’s Formula, Fourier Transforms, the Riemann Sphere and the Cartesian Coordinate grid with 3 real and 3 imaginary axes (time and space). It is a rationalist, idealist philosophy and is based on all numbers. Real, imaginary numbers, complex numbers, positive and negative numbers, Zero and infinity. All of these numbers are defined by Euler’s formula, the God Equation. Ontological mathematics is complete and can give us a Grand Unified Theory of Everything.




Zero is a wave without energy. A dimensionless mathematical point, a monad or soul. The universe contains infinite mathematical points or souls. Each soul contains infinite numbers, each number is an energy wave. The entire universe is made of numbers or waves, vibration and frequency.
All numbers are energy and the most special number of all is Zero, Our Soul , the Origin.


We are at Ground Zero, with our starting point being Left Wing Meritocracy. We have infinite potential to evolve dialectically in every aspect and reach our full potential as a society .


In ontological mathematics Zero is the container that holds infinity. We are living mathematical self solving entities. We experience this world subjectively, starting at a unconscious state, by acquiring knowledge, using logic / reason via the dialectic process we self actualise reaching our full potential.


The early bird gets the worm. Now is the time.






Christine Andrea Bartol writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©


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