We Will Sink or Swim with Climate Change

Climate Change and Its Dialectical Necessity


Debates over humanity’s impact on our planet’s climate rage like Trump at a coke party. Are humans having an effect? Would our environment be just as fucked if we didn’t exist in the first place? The debate itself is a pointless exercise in frustration and mental masturbation. I will explain why climate change is a necessary part of planetary and human evolution and why playing the blame game is useless, and why, if we don’t fundamentally transform our outlook and behaviour, the dialectic will crush us and simply start over again.

Climate Change is Necessary



As with everything in the space time domain, climate change is a dialectical challenge imposed to test the human race. It forces us to become smarter and more technologically advanced. If we don’t achieve these things, becoming more conscious and mentally evolved as a result, we will fail and join the rest of the collective’s evolutionary failures in a state of utter extinction. As hyper capitalism drives us to starve ourselves of natural resources, pollute the atmosphere, and not care about the effects of our actions on the environment, we are either forced to confront the consequences of our excessive consumption and stupidity, or allow them to consume us and leave us as nothing but a skid mark on the ass-cheeks of dialectical evolution.


Endless Debate Will Not Stop Climate Change


Proving that humans are causing climate change is useless. There can only be scientific evidence which suggests that we are directly causing climate change. What is most important is progressing enough as a species in order to overcome it. We know it’s a problem that needs to be solved. That’s all that matters. Anyone who denies that it’s happening is an ineffectual nobody who only has a voice because people for some reason feel the need to validate their existence by arguing with them in the first place. The cause of the deniers is strengthened by wasting the time of people who could be fixing the problem rather than proving it exists in the first place.


Climate Change is the Final Test


Climate change ensures that our species will be forced to mentally evolve beyond its current, almost animalistic state of childlike confusion. If we don’t, we will suffer an agonising defeat, and all of the beautiful works of art and genius that the few bright flames among the vast swaths of extinguished candles will be lost in the abject emptiness of space. Humanity is to the dinosaurs as climate change is to the asteroid that brutally destroyed them. The dialectic has no qualms with ending our miserable existence and starting anew. Either we stand up, accept our own ability to change the course of history, and literally change the world, or we lay down, accept our fates, and submit to forces seemingly outside our control like the helpless babies we’ve proven ourselves to be time and time again.



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At every crossroads, humanity has gone the wrong direction. We’ve chosen fairy tales over knowledge, charlatans over geniuses, and submission to tyrants over domination of our own destinies. We have free will. We can transform our species into gods. We can still save the planet, ourselves, and ultimately the universe. It’s either that or we throw away all of the great work that Pythagoras, Hypatia, Leibniz, et al. have created and bestowed upon us. At this crossroads, one path leads to Hyperborea, and the other to the abyss.


Brett Urben writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©


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