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“DEUS ABSCONDITUS is the hidden God with divine potential, and is transformed by evolution into DEUS MANIFESTUS, the revealed God with his potential actualised. That is the cosmic journey. It is the tale of God coming to self-realisation.”
Mike Hockney




What is a soul? Many of us would proclaim to know the answer, but how many really do? The soul is a living, self optimising, self solving mathematical entity. It can not be created or destroyed, only transformed, and resides in the dimensionless domain outside space and time.
Many of us were raised to believe the soul resides within our bodies, yet this is simply not true. Our souls or as Liebniz would call them “monads”, live collectively together outside space and time in the dimensionless domain of the mind/soul. The soul does not travel anywhere, it is not within your body, in fact, right now all of our souls reside smack in the dead centre of the universe, where the big bang began, the Cosmic origin.
I am not talking about the “big bang” scientific materialist believe in, because science and creationism are incorrect. The universe didn’t just appear with a bang, nor did any invisible God create it in six days. In fact there wasn’t any “bang” at all and it is still going on, it has not stopped.



The monadic collective reside in the dimensionless domain outside space and time, and they construct the dimensional domain inside space time (the domain of matter), these two domains only interact through Fourier Transforms. In short, the domain of mind/soul constructed the domain of matter by way of frequency. Mind constructed matter, the earth, stars, our bodies, everything we see and touch, are all low frequency sinuosoids.



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Zero and infinity are used to describe the dimensionless domain, all numbers in between zero and infinity describe the dimensional domain of matter. Ontological zero is a living mathematical point, a monad, mind or soul. Each monad contains infinite numbers, and each number is an energy wave, a sine and cosine. The entire universe is constructed from these waves: vibration and energy. This is the real big bang and it was constructed for a purpose.


The purpose is for individual souls to experience it subjectively and objectively, we start as blank potential in an unconscious state and through an evolutionary process we self actualise and reach our full potential. The entire living experience in this world of matter is really an illusion. It is constructed to allow us to evolve and self solve, so that we may reach our Omega point and our God point.



We begin the evolutionary process as unconscious souls (simplicity). We acquire knowledge and learn to use logic/reason via the rigorous reiterations of the dialectic in order to self actualise and, reach our full potential (complexity). This is our Omega point and the God within us.
The monadic collective constructed the idea of an external world, but it’s all an illusion made by way of sine and cosine waves. The universe is a mathematical illusion. The individual monads internally experience this as subjective mathematics such as colour and sound.




Mythos is right brain thinking, it is where our emotions, and our senses reside. It is creative, fantastical, romantic and often thinks about love. All of which can be deceptive and are irrational. Have you ever made an emotional decision and regretted it? I’m sure we all have at one time or another. What we see, hear, touch and smell is a deception created by our senses, it’s how our brain interprets the sine and cosine waves so we can make sense of our local environment.


Logos is left brain using logic and reason and language. It is what understands Philosophy, Science, and Mathematics, It is about knowing but not believing, it is purely rational. With it we can reason through the illusions of our senses and continue evolving. We must abandon faith in the senses in order to understand that everything can be explained mathematically.
We start at a primitive state of flight or fight instinct in order to service our basic needs. Many never evolve past that primitive state, but some continue to evolve but get stuck in a mythos state of mind, often “believing or having faith” in an Abrahamic religion (Christianity, Judaism or Islam). They are all master/slave religions, that forces souls to stop evolving and become stuck in the mythos mindset. At some point it is best to stop “believing or accepting anything by faith” in order to question everything and start acquiring knowledge. This will allow us to develop a dominant left brain and so begin using logic and reason. Knowledge itself is transformational. Logic/reason via the dialectic propels us towards higher states of evolution, refinement and growth. It is a beautiful idea.


The Hegelian dialectic consists of thesis, antithesis and synthesis which can be applied to every aspect of our lives. We evolve through contradictions using reason as we continually acquire knowledge and evolve, until we unleash the God within us.



There is a beauty in knowing everything. Such as how each waveform function collapses along with our every decision, how we have now, ever so fleeting. The constant movement of the dialectic pushing ever forward, shaping us as well as the bigger picture of all things. With our free will, we can put our knowledge into action.


We began as DEUS ABSCONDITUS and we evolve to DEUS MANIFESTUS, completing our cosmic journey: Godhood itself.


Christine Andrea Bartol writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©


5 thoughts on “Find Your Soul Purpose!

    • January 5, 2017 at 9:17 pm

      Thank you.

  • December 30, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Agreed. Concise and accessible. Excellent

    Catch titles with layers of meaning are also great.

    Is it worthwhile changing changing “Deus” (singular) to “Dei” (Plural) ? ?


    Keep it Up.

    • January 5, 2017 at 9:21 pm

      Expressing in the singular, yet it would be nice to see the plural. We can always use the infinity multiplier.

  • January 17, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Very elegantly written.

    Reading the same material written from another Monad’s perspective has a way of helping me hone in on the concepts quicker and reinforcing/refining my personal interpretation more concisely.

    Thank you!


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