A Message for ETs

Starting in 2018, a new scientific program for communicating to potential extraterrestrial life will be launched. It is known as METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), and in contrast to previous programs, METI will send out active messages into outer space, instead of just listening to potential extraterrestrial activity. Scientists such as Stephen Hawking have warned that this may attract to our planet, hostile and more technologically advanced civilizations. He expressed fears that the Earth can suffer the fate of the native Indians after Columbus discovered the Americas. With a cynicism and skepticism, typical of a scientific materialist, Hawking states that aliens may view us as mere bacteria to be annihilated or used in experiments. However, what if our message reaches less advanced civilizations? Shouldn’t we warn them of the current social situation on earth? Shouldn’t they beware of the global elite this planet reaching out in distant future to exploit their resources? Shouldn’t they take measures against the monopolization of their wealth by a small cabal of people?

A Message for METI


In order to fairly warn our brothers in intelligence of the grim fate that could befall them if they chose free-racket capitalism and dumbocracy as their social system, the following message should be encoded in the language of mathematics and appended to our general introduction:


To Be Included in METI Message

“Soon you will have to choose between conceding the future of your children for the illusory and transient security of the present and fighting for that future bearing the privations of the present day. This fight is ceaseless. If you want to be the masters of your future you must stand against those who want to buy it for a piece of bling, as they did with the indigenous population of one of our continents a long time ago.

There will be people who will come to you and tell you that when the State actively takes care of the society, it constitutes slavery. And that freedom is feasible only when you compete ruthlessly with one another. They will try to cloud your reason by offering thousands of comforts and pleasures for your body, many of which you don’t need. They will exploit your lusts for profit. They will manipulate you into buying unnecessary things that have no intrinsic value separate from the value that you are tricked into believing they have. They will come and buy your future and your children’s future and if you are not careful you will fall into their traps. They will exploit your labor to amass wealth so that they won’t need to work. If you give in to them you will soon begin to hate not only your work, but your life too.



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They will always talk about the bottom line, about economic growth, about competition and markets, but they will never tell you anything about worthy labor remuneration, social care, free education and healthcare. They will want your labor, but they will not be willing to pay fairly for it. If you agree to become their work drones, you will have no future.

You must stand up against the few who hold your world’s wealth and you must do it together. To stand together you must trust each other and they will try to undermine that trust in every possible way. If you want to win, you must reject their money and even if they offer you fabulous paychecks, you must not sell your time to them. Your victory will come when you have built a society, thanks to your unity, whose higher goal is the common good and not the monetary gains or the insatiable greed for personal property. Money can exist without being used solely for accumulating wealth and wealth is not always measured in money. Is there a greater wealth than you and your children being healthy and educated, than your labor being acknowledged by everybody and knowing that you contribute to the well-being of the whole society, instead of only lining up the pockets of a handful of greedy and vicious monsters?

To them you are nothing more than what they produce in their large factories – namely disposable goods. You must unite to prevent this model taking shape on your planet or to topple it down if that misfortune has already befallen you. Remember that for every superficial comfort and temptation that they offer, they demand a piece of your future. Reject their money, their boring and soul-putrefying jobs, their values and you will be free and your lives will have meaning. Don’t be afraid to stand up, because you are the foundation upon which they build their power and hoard their fortune.
Rise and they shall fall!”


Simon Vlahov writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©



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