The Seductive Magic of Monads

A man fancies a woman and would like to help her understand that ontological mathematics is the Absolute Truth and 0=0, the Monad, is the key to existence.
In order to demonstrate how this is so he suggests a physical demonstration might assist the explanation and aide her understanding.

Monad: The Monadic relationship.

Firstly he asks that she stand face to face with him and holds both of their hands in order to mirror his, and that she mirrors his. He then asks her to imagine that they are standing in a bubble which he says is also known as a monad, a Riemann Sphere or the Singularity, representing the entire Universe, in which only they exist.
Next he describes that within the bubble there are 3 axis from the centre of the bubble, dividing it horizontally, labelled -1 to 0 to 1, vertically, labelled –i to 0 to i and in depth 0 to ∞ originating from the centre of the bubble, which has the coordinates of (0,0,0). These axis create 8 segments or domains. Their hands are being held up in the (0,1), (0,i) domain, or the ‘real’ domain, where the 0 to 1 axis is a representation of ‘space’ and 0 to i represents ‘time’, and between them they create the ‘space-time’ domain.


The Monad: Monads Create Waves

He checks that she is following him so far, and requests that she consciously observes what he does next, so that she will be able to repeat this to others if she so chooses. As he is about to begin moving within the bubble, he changes the co-ordinates of their hands so as to explain how waves might be formed, and that if she could envisage a trail from their hands as they begin to move which would graphically draw the co-ordinates of the trail/wave of where their hands had been. He reminds her to remain in the positive domain, in order to remain ‘real’.
Next he begins to walk to his right and bends up and down while holding his hands up, she mimics him. Together they are creating two waves, one of the hand-waves originates from the (0,0) point and might be called the ‘sine’ wave, while the right hand is originating from (0,0.5), and is called the ‘cosine’ wave which is part imaginary and part real, which makes it very complex!



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He then begins to push and pull his hands towards and away from himself, while walking to his right and bending up and down, together they are now making a spiral/helix and with both of their hands their dance is creates a ‘double-helix’, where they begin to cross the (0,1), (0,i) domains, moving from the (0,0),(0,0) point towards the exterior of the bubble (0,i), (0,1) or ∞.
He then asks the woman to step back a few paces in order to give space to create a new bubble for herself to stand in, while he remains in his, thus they now have two bubbles. They continue to walk down the path to the right, pushing and pulling their hands, bending and standing and moving their hands up and down, although now they are separated by their own bubbles, continuing to create a ‘double-helix’ wave.

The Monad: Monads in the Mood
The man now stops and puts on a little music, just to create a little more atmosphere and they continue their dance. (
The woman is enjoying this and sees why she was attracted to him in the first place. She begins to think maybe they came from the same origin in the first place?



The Monad: Bursting the Bubble

Anyway as time progresses, or to be more specific they move through the (0,i) axis, the man decides to step it up a little and although being a little forward, he suggests that they might like to retire to somewhere more private and make ‘double-helix’ waves with other parts of their bodies, perhaps (0,0) might be a good place to start with her 0 and his 0! Of course he would have to penetrate into her Riemann Sphere in order to really explain how to blow more bubbles/Monads.
Low and behold 9 months later another bubble/monad emerges, and the man, now a father is determined to explain to his child how a ‘double-helix’ is created so he is able to create his own bubbles or Monads when the time is right…


Scott Gordon writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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