The Danger of Mainstream Religion

A casual glance at the ideology of any of the three Abrahamic religions should be enough to highlight the inherent deficiencies of their position to any right-thinking person. Abrahamic mythos is an easy to understand belief system that appeals to base emotion rather than reason. Abrahamism has dominated much of human history and undoubtedly retarded our development.

Why Abrahamism is dangerous?

Abraham was the first Jew and a man all Abrahamists to date revere. Yet, what sort of person would sacrifice their own son because a voice in their head told them to, even if that voice did belong to ‘god’? If faith can justify this, what would the faithful not do if a higher authority so ordered it? This bible story is like a metaphor for the whole of Abrahamism, where faith trumps reason every time. The important thing for these people is the faith itself, not so important is what that faith really consists of in practice and so we see the whole Jewish religion and identity based on a strict observance of numerous rules and dictates that don’t make any sense nowadays (or probably even when they were written).If you go around saying you’re special you will only get one reply,’special fucking needs!’ Hence, as a people, the Jews have made it easy for others to scapegoat and use them for their own ends.


Why Abrahamism is insane?

The morality on which Abrahamism is built can be regarded as insane, how could any moral being regard Jehovah as anything other than utterly evil? Take free will for example, we are told that Jehovah gifted us free will because he loved us and if those powers are abused then it’s not his fault, but we do not enjoy total free will, we have contextual free will, well who supposedly created those parameters? Why didn’t he just create a different context, one where it is still possible to learn and grow, but not as it is now? For any decent person, Abrahamism is fundamentally flawed and morally repugnant.

Christianity, it can be seen, has become a joke in the west, especially Europe. It’s a pseudo religion which has more to do with right wing conservatism and the ruling capitalist paradigm than anything truly spiritual. The hypocritical discrepancies between Christian doctrine and how they actually operate in the real world attests to this. Hardly any Christian could be said to do enough to justify being a Christian, by anyone’s standards, let alone Jesus’. Even the Catholic hierarchy in Rome appears impotent against the reality of the modern world. By sharp contrast, Islam is aggressively proactive. The jihadist nature of the Koran itself propels it forward to dark ends. The relative backwardness of Muslim countries is a direct consequence of a morbid adherence to a massively outdated and damaging ideology. There’s slow learners and then there’s Islam!

Religious indoctrination ,or brain-washing over time becomes the essential ‘logic’ of the Abrahamist mentality. The mind is saturated with the ideology to the extent that any new, authentically free thought is rendered totally impossible. The prejudicial, closed nature of a fully fledged Abrahamist mind set is such that it only hears what it wants to, agreeing 100% with any position that confirms that belief and reacting violently against anything challenging them. The Lord’s prayer for instance, parroted through the ages, “Our father….hallowed be thy name….forgive us our trespasses” etc in fact acts as a proxy for actual thought, actual reason. This psychological blockage denies any further development for the individual.



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Faith takes many forms, but shares fundamental characteristics. Belief over reason, subjectivity over objectivity, mythos over logic and an unquestioning compliance with the narrative. The outrageous stories of Abrahamism completely convince the gullible believer.The only positive purpose they serve is as a comparative guide on how not to think. Anybody believing in these dubious sentiments has a doubtful morality at best. Can the future be entrusted to people like these, what positive, fundamental change will happen? That which has happened so far I guess. Mathematics and philosophy in other words, reason, should be our only guide when it comes to holding back the tide of mythos.

What the Abrahamist really wants is an all powerful, all controlling father figure.They want to be a child forever, to be protected and never have to think or do anything for themselves. My own mother is a Jehovah’s Witness and with her this sentiment is explicit, her eyes shine with the zealousness when she explains to me how God loves her, will look after her and he and only he can be trusted (unlike my grandfather’s ‘scowl’). My mother literally regards Jehovah as her father. The “new system” = God’s kindergarten. Nietzsche said that “you repay the teacher badly when you remain the student,” (not that we shouldn’t fully appreciate a true education in the first place). Thankfully for me I lived with my father for most of my childhood. Mike Hockney says that only those of an I.N.T. Myers/Briggs type can escape this kind of indoctrination. I have always wondered if I would have found my own way in life had I remained in the ‘truth’ through to adulthood, but I like to imagine I have the strength needed to change and somehow I think I could never have been an Abrahamist.


Peter Boone writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©


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