The Mind Trap

Before we can begin to live in a Meritocratic society we must first solve all of the problems that have snowballed out of control. For example, the systems designed to keep us serving the elite and rendering the majority of mankind a slave race. There are so many problems and a;together it can seem overwhelming and impossible. A big part of the problems are psychological and in many ways could be considered Psy-ops, (psychological operations). This involves conditioning the minds of society, generation after generation, until people accept the lies and label anything different as wrong and possibly even the slightest change in their current paradigm as an attack on their own freedom. It’s going to take time to overcome the psychological aspects as individuals and as a society. It could take several generations to phase out the harmful psychological aspects and begin living in a true Meritocratic society. When we get to that point we will evolve rapidly. Let’s get out of the Mind Trap





There are many different religions all over the world and usually we learn one from our parents that is socially accepted in our region. They can’t all be true and more likely than not, each person will think theirs is the truth and fight tooth and nail in an all out bloody war, trying to convince or force others to adopt their beliefs (Notice the ‘lie’ smack in the middle of beLIEve). There are people who believe in faith and people who know by acquiring knowledge and using reason.

People who believe in faith are using their right brain mythos mind, where emotions run rampant. Fantastic and romantic inclinations are deemed to be true. When in fact emotions are the most deceptive aspect of our minds and cannot be relied upon. The mechanics of the mind are complex, pleasure sensors being stimulated change our natural chemistry giving us a euphoric high. It can be addictive and make a person desire more, more and more. People can become hooked on religion, just like an addict is hooked on drugs, deceptive emotions soar high, pleasure sensors are stimulated making people give money they don’t have to preachers who live in expensive homes and drive expensive cars, because they are emotionally charged. Mythos thinking is irrational. It doesn’t make any sense to just believe even when there are contradictions and no verifiable facts. The three Abrahamic religions are the worst. They expect people to bow! People actually go for this, in fact over 50% of the world’s population chooses to believe in faith and bow! It’s these master /  slave religions that hold people back and keep many from evolving as individuals and having a positive affect on the whole of society.


“The preacher man is talking on TV, putting down rock and roll, wants you to send a donation because he’s worried about your soul” , he says “Jesus walks on the water, and I know that’s it’s true, sometimes I think that preacher wants to do a little walking too” (Charlie Daniel band)




“Know thyself, the unexamined life is not worth living”


Socrates was correct. He was trying to get people to question why they “believed” in what they did. People are programmed from the time they are born, to follow their culture, language, the law and even the socially accepted religion of their region. Many go through life not having questioned anything and then the have children and teach them to do the same. The master / slave religions, teach children to be good little slaves. They will quickly start bowing down like their parents.


Who would actually want to be a slave? If you try to explain slavery to they enslaved, they become defensive and pull out their books, and commence quoting it as if it were a universal proof. This is called circular reasoning and it is a logical fallacy.

Many people say I’m being disrespectful, and I should respect others “beliefs”, and be tolerant. I have zero tolerance and I will never respect slavery. I understand that religion is harmful to both individuals and to the whole of society. It holds us all back from evolving further.



The schools of today are designed to create followers, consumers and slaves. Which props up the ideology of consumerism, and both economic and religious slavery.

It’s psychological warfare and those who know about it, are immune to it. Those who don’t are caught in a mind trap. So those with knowledge will always win. We must acquire knowledge and use reason so that we can defend ourselves against these attacks. Let’s level the playing field.


Retail businesses use psychological manipulation by putting impulse items by the cash register, cashiers have to up sale each customer, end caps are most eye catching.


Advertising use many tactics, they know psychology and what will sell, sell, sell and the “faithful” consumers will buy buy, buy. Because it just feels so good.



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Let’s not forget the commercialized holidays, where mindless consumerism reaches it’s peak. “We have to buy a cut Christmas tree for 70-100 dollars and buy all sorts of ornaments, that will become heirlooms, then we throw the tree in the trash a few weeks later. We can’t deny children a Christmas tree, can we?” Do you see the insanity of it all?


Casinos love to lure you in with low cost lodging and free food, because they have the stage set, you can’t tell if it’s day or night, and they don’t want you to, plus they have all the bright lights and whistles to stimulate those pleasure sensors, and the joy of winning can bring you to euphoria, just one more time, one more, only one more, until you’ve lost all your money and are scratching your head saying “What happened?”. I’ll tell you what happened, you just got the great mind F☆☆k.


Television, radio, laptops, smart phones and video games are all products of mind control, keeping people entertained, stimulating those pleasure sensors and having us living in a fantasy world distracted from the fact that we are slaves.

We are collectively feeding a massive artificial intelligence which dominates most of our human experience. The entire world is run on algorithms using the data given to the artificial intelligence (A.I.) hive mind. All along the plan has been to control everyone and everything by offering distractions, even mind altering drugs to the point where we love our servitude. Our mind trap.

The design of our schools need to change and change now. We need thinkers not followers. We need schools of reason. If people were taught to be thinkers they could no longer be duped and enslaved by the many interwoven psychological orchestrations. Knowledge is transformative, it is liberating, it is freedom. Best of all nobody can take it from you, and it can not be repossessed. Go for it.




Do you understand how right brain, mythos thinking with all of its emotion is being used to enslave us?

Schools of logic and reason would be a great first step to putting a stop to this. The odds would change considerably in our favor. It will take time to change, but by acquiring knowledge, learning to use and develop our Left brain logos (the logical hemisphere of the brain that uses reason), via the dialectic process we are well on our way.
It’s difficult to look at things from a different perspective when programmed from childhood and surrounded by a collective majority that will reinforce its beliefs every time you think differently.
It will take time to phase out the “stinking thinking ” that has been keeping us in a perpetual mind trap. Awareness and schools of reason would be the first step in the right direction to break free of the MIND TRAP.


“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant”


Maximilien Robespierre


Christine Andrea Bartol writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©


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