Mathematics is Truth

The word rational comes from the Latin word rationalis, meaning reasonable or logical. If you’re rational, you do things based on logic, as opposed to impulse or whimsy. The original meaning in English was of something endowed with the ability to reason. Reason is Mathematics.


Rationalising and reasoning something, via logic and math, is the only way to justify an objective end position. There’s no point in trying to reason someone out of something they weren’t reasoned into, thus trying to justify someone’s ‘end belief’ will be subjectively determined by their meta-paradigm.
Humanity largely hasn’t reasoned throughout history, reasoning is only a recent cognitive ability, until now we have subjectively acted upon our irrational senses and evolved to this point as unconscious beings. The more rational or logical someone is the more evolved or intelligent they are. The universe evolves via a complex dialectic, synthesizing an objective and subjective position, so that it reaches the Omega point, subsequently starting the process again, eternally repeating.

A strong spiritual foundation should be an objective position that can be explained and rationally explained. Any spiritual position that can’t be rationalised, is therefore irrational. Any answer that is of a mythos directed, subjective position, is based on faith and belief not reason, both faith and belief are irrational and subjective.


The Spirit of Ontological Mathematics



Ontological mathematics is a strong spiritual position that can be rationally explained. The answers and Truth of existence are mathematical. Any answer that cannot be proven mathematically is therefore untrue.



Subjective Perceptions are irrelevant, or unhelpful in determining the answer to existence, because a true answer cannot be agreed upon from a subjective positions. Intuition allows answers to be ‘arrived at’ via the dimensionless domain, which can provide guidance when seeking the answers, but an ontological mathematical position is the only way to understand an ontological mathematical universe.



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Anything ‘non-rational’ = ‘irrational’, thus should be discounted. There is no good reason for a non-rational belief to be held, it is a simple contradiction. There is no such thing as a ‘sound rational belief’, this contains contradictory terms, and ‘sound rational understanding/knowledge’ should be preferenced over any belief.

If someone is open to new positions, they will be rational and the person will be able to combine mathematical, philosophical, religious, and scientific understanding, which is what the God Series books describe and combine via Reason.

People are only wrong, if they don’t hold a mathematical meta-paradigm, they may think they are right subjectively, but objectively the Truth doesn’t conform to one’s beliefs, one must obtain objective knowledge/understanding in order to know they are right and speak the Truth.



Mathematics: The Reason there is Nothing, yet Something.



There is only one ‘mind’ which is the ultimate ‘singularity’, a dimensionless domain which is responsible for all of reality.

Hockey and Co, start from a position of 0 and explain how nothing becomes something and the relationship between 0 and infinity, which all other fields of science discount/ignore.


Your mind, is the subjective position of an objective reality, and the dimensionless domain, not of your body, and this dimensionless domain links all other ‘minds/monads’, unrealised potential, into one mathematical mind. This is proven mathematically in the 6th book of the Series, ‘The God Equation.’
A more accurate summation of my meta-paradigm, might be better summed up by this statement by Hockney in The God Equation:



“The Monadology asserts that the fundamental units of existence are INFINITE, dimensionless, living, thinking points – monads, ZEROS, souls – each of which has INFINITE energy content, all controlled by a single equation – Euler’s Formula – and the collective energy of this universe of mathematical points creates a physical universe of which every objective value is ZERO, but, through a self-solving, self-optimizing, dialectical, evolving process, the universe generates a final, subjective value of INFINITY – divinity, perfection, the ABSOLUTE.”



Hockney, Mike. The God Equation (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 12372-12384). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

The more you can reason, the more rational you are, and therefore the more able to understand the divinity in Ontological Mathematics.


Scott Gordon writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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