Becoming Hyper-Aware

What is Hyperawareness? And why is it important? As the word suggests it is an advanced awareness. It is being aware of yourself, and the circumstances that you live in. It is the ability to comprehend reality and go beyond what others are able to do. It is being well informed and knowledgeable. In a nutshell it is the situation whereby a person can become hyper-conscious, using reason. Do you think you are Hyper-aware? How do we become Hyper-aware?


How to become Hyper-Aware


To become Hyperaware we must be able to think rationally. In the world at this time, not many people are able to do this. This is for many wide, and varied reasons. Rest assured it is not coincidence, as many people and institutions benefit greatly by having a dumbed down population. The Old World Order can easily control a population who does not, or cannot think for themselves.

The levels videos by Morgue, posted the AC website go some way towards explaining this. It says that we must use three attributes to optimise our potential. These are Art, Will and Reason. To be clear, only reason is the truth, whilst Will and Art may lead us on the path to the truth. Without Will we won’t want the truth, and Art is a subjective experience expressing what you are experiencing internally . It is used to manifest an objective representation of a subjective experience. To put it another way, art is about releasing and expressing, Philosophy and mathematics are about understanding and knowing, i.e. Reason.


Some people have less need of an artistic outlet than others, and may prefer to experience someone else’s art for their release. Art is for emotional release. Philosophy is for intellectual understanding. And Mathematics is the highest form of understanding. We must all study these subjects to improve our awareness; our understanding of reality, and consciousness. This is, of course, easier said than done. Many people are not yet ready to embark on this journey. Their minds have not become optimised enough through repeated incarnations and many subjective experiences. There is a battle going on, a war of the mind.


Why are you not becoming hyper-aware?

The Old World Order have deliberately manipulated reality so that we all remain ignorant. School, Government, religions, media, websites, culture, and TV all see to it that we all believe anything but the truth. They are all paths away from the truth. The fact of the matter is that from the womb we are bombarded with false information and false truths, misinformation. The end result is a society of brainwashed zombies. This is how the Old World Order like it. It means they can manipulate you in whatever way they want. The only way of becoming free is to wake up to this and become rational. Using the foundation of reason to begin.

This brainwashing is not something to take lightly. This has literally shaped you into who you are today. These external information sources have determined your beliefs, morals, fears, hopes, dreams, almost your entire personality is based on this fundamental programming instilled in you by others, which ultimately determines your personality and life choices. This means ‘you’ are not based on ‘you’ at all, but on outside influences. This is true for those that do not question their foundation, their roots, their base programming, their operating system.

The only way to overcome this is a system reboot, a complete format. One must choose to destroy their old, inferior, useless programming and install a new, superior system.

The method by which we can remove these false belief systems and brainwashing is by systematically using Descartes’ method of doubt. Cartesian doubt is to remove any belief or opinion that you may have if it is possible to doubt it at all in any conceivable way. The purpose being, to find out what cannot be doubted at all, to find out, what is definitely, 100% without a doubt true. As the only way to become hyper-aware is to have a foundation of truth that cannot be doubted. You must have an operating system written with the code of reason.

Many people have the ability to become hyper-aware. So what is blocking this progression to hyper-awareness? The answer is thought programmes. A culture, as mentioned before, is a thought programme. We have spent many years being “built” into what we are. Countless thought programmes running at the same time. Even in ancient times, the law codes provided the basic thought programmes allowing simple trade and rudimentary laws. Take a look at the Code of Hammurabi, and Magna Carta as examples. Now we are subjected to many different and varied programmes, many different religions, belief systems etc. Plato described this in his allegory of the Cave, where a prisoner, chained inside a cave observed shadows on the cave wall (lit by a bonfire inside the cave) and the prisoner perceived the shadows as his reality. Only when he escaped the Cave and saw the sunlight and real objects did he realise there was more to reality than what he had seen. This gives an idea of a persons progress from self awareness to hyper-awareness. Watch the video:


Now this is the rub. None of the widespread thought programmes support hyper-awareness. Let’s take the Christianity thought programme. This programme thinks getting to heaven and avoiding hell is of the utmost importance. Therefore all the actions taken in life reflect this. Everything will be done to please the creator God, to gain admittance to heaven with him. All of one’s life choices will reflect this. This is just one of many insane thought programmes. Like the Muslim or Jewish thought programme. These thought programmes are literally thousands of years out of date, and irrational, and full of critical errors, without any major updates. WTF!



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This is why we must use the method of doubt. Before we begin using this method we must understand that the feelings and senses do not reveal the truth. If this is not grasped one will never discover the truth. These thought programmes are the greatest barriers to hyper-awareness. They must be cut out. And done so using the hand of reason.

No matter where you are on your journey, or how rational you think you may be. Everyone can use the method of doubt to increase rational thought processes and hyper-awareness. Start today. Stop watching useless, junk TV and pick up a book instead. Read Mathematics, read Philosophy. Get yourself the God Series by Mike Hockney and affiliated Authors. Be the best you can be. Join the Army of Reason. They await YOU!



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