The Coming of Meritocracy

What is Meritocracy and why do people either balk at the idea or they fear it? Maybe it’s easier to stay with the familiar rather then try something new that could be better? Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge about Meritocracy or perhaps just the mention of a 100% inheritance tax . Meritocracy offers freedom. Freedom from the elite who manipulate and enslave the majority of the population economically. Have we become so conditioned in our slavery that its comfortable and we accept it. We deserve better. We have the same human rights as anyone else on the planet. We should all start off equally and strive to be all we can on our own merit and nobody should be born with an advantage, it is an injustice to them and others.





Most people would laugh at the idea of the 100% inheritance tax, whether they are receiving an inheritance or not, but if you take yourself out of the picture and recognized the long term advantages of the tax you would realize it’s the only way to freedom. The 100% inheritance tax dethrone’s the elite and when they die they will no longer be able to hand over the reins and indeed their reign to their children. In fact their children would start off equal to the rest of us, we would all have equal opportunity as we’d start at the same point and strive to go as far as we can. We would reap the rewards of our hard work and talent, yet nobody would hoard their wealth any longer, knowing there is a 100% inheritance tax and anything made can’t be willed to another, so people would spend and enjoy the fruits of their labor, continually recirculating the economy. Nepotism and cronyism would also cease to exist.





The political parties as we know them now would cease to exist and a new constitution would be written. People would be voted in offices pertaining to their field of expertise and a citizen exam would be given to those with relevant education or work experience to show they had enough understanding in the field to give a educated vote.



The education system would get a complete make over, creating schools of reason that would be based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, each person will have the opportunity to take 10,000 hours of training to become experts in their fields. Every child in the world would have access to a quality education and although everyone would start equally in a left wing Meritocratic society some will excel by working harder and by having more talent.



In a communist society all people are treated equally, it doesn’t matter if you work harder or are more talented, you remain equal, born equal and die equal. In a free market capitalist society, some are born with unfair advantages and can excel to infinity, while others are born at a disadvantage and can become enslaved economically. In a left wing Meritocratic society everyone would start off equal, but would have the opportunity to excel as far as they would like to go, and reap the rewards of their efforts, but not to any gross difference that would cause a economic imbalance. Left wing Meritocracy is the synthesis, it takes the best of both capitalism and communism, and dialectically evolves to a higher synthesis. Left wing Meritocracy is all about dialectically evolving through contradictions, constantly refining and changing toward the betterment of all. Free market capitalism is forever rigged so that the elite will win, keeping the majority of the world’s population enslaved. Social capitalism will replace free market capitalism which is basically the same yet will no longer be rigged. Meritocracy will replace Democracy.






Everything will get a complete makeover for the better. Ghettos and slums will be demolished and replaced by phalanstèries encouraging a strong community.



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“A phalanstère ( or plalanstery) was a type of building for a self contained utopian community, ideally consI sting of 500-to 2000 people working together for mutual benefit, and developed in the 19th century by Charles Fourier. Fourier chose the name by combining the French word phalange ( phalanx , the basic military uniting ancient Greece ), with the word monastere (monastery)”




Today most households center around the family, working and saving to help the family have a better quality of life and get ahead. Often times competing with the neighbors or are afraid to help others because it would take away from their family. This is selfish and anti-community which stems from fear. Community will replace family and together we will grow dialectically and become more healthy, happy and productive as a community, as a whole.






” People who oppose the General Will must be forced to be free” THE SOCIAL CONTRACT



Many people don’t even realize that they are economically and religiously enslaved. Generation after generation we’ve been born slaves, we are conditioned to think we are free, even though we are not and we will die a slave if things don’t change. Now is the time for change. For those that do not see the chains that bind them, we must force them to freedom.



Schools that teach logic and reason, as well as the 100% inheritance tax are the first steps to a new and better future.


I’ll close with these few words by Adam Weishaupt from his book THE CASE FOR MERITOCRACY. A must read.


“Right wing Meritocracy is actually a false meritocracy or anti meritocracy as its hardwired to privilege.”


“Not to be confused with Left Wing Meritocracy, which is the only true meritocracy which wants to totally eliminate privilege, Nepotism, cronyism by way of implementing a 100% inheritance tax, meaning there will no longer be inter-generational wealth transfer.”



Adam Weishaupt


Christine Andrea Bartol writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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