The Power of Protest

After much debate about whether it’s safe to protest because of the George Soros propaganda machine along with the agent provocateurs disrupting the Anti-Trump protests all over the USA, I decided it would be good for me to take a leap into the danger zone, not just to stand there with a sign but to really participate and march with the rally that started at Central Park West and ended at Trump Tower on west 57th str and 5th Ave .

Protest you makes you feel alive.


Michael Moore was the leader of this organization which launched the #NotMyPresident rally and march which took place on January 19th 2017, the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration. In which to my surprise, a lot of celebrities attended to protest, giving their speeches as to why they are not allowing Trump to take away their rights. I met up with some friends in the center of 63rd str. and Central Park West with my sign that read NOT MY PRESIDENT! NOT GRABBING MY PUSSY! #FUCKTRUMP.



I felt my inner political leader just burst out along with more than 25,000 people there taking over at least 5 blocks or more with their signs and rage, chanting “MY BODY, MY CHOICE and NOT MY PRESIDENT.”



I witnessed a historical moment and I was thrilled to be part of something that could really make a difference. WE THE PEOPLE were the ones making America great again, not that orange slime of shit! The world is waking up and this is good! The dialectic wars have begun! And this is why it’s very necessary to be out there, regardless of the opposing side who try to discredit us like the detractors and trolls, the Trump supporters and the Soros shills. It only showed that we have out numbered them! It’s proof the people are waking up to the tyranny and are no longer going to just sit there and not fight back! I was proud to be there, knowing that this wasn’t at all what Trump had intended when he said he’s going to make America “great” again. He didn’t know his hatred, bigotry and racism would bring us all together to one spot in NYC, Washington, DC and all around the world simultaneously to protest against his insanity. And for that I thank him for his pure evil, because this is what we needed for the revolution to begin. Trump said what he would do, and he is doing exactly what he said he would!


“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

~ Maya Angelou



Why We Need To Protest Against The Tyranny



Protest is necessary for the poltical dialectic to progress, creating a paradigm shift to change and move forward, a necessary part of our evolution. We must apply The Principle of Sufficient Reason here, that everything must have a reason. We must provide the cause that triggers the revolution. Germany, Russia, China, Cuba and many more also had a revolution in the 20th century, now it was time for America to have its revolution in the 21st Century.



And so it here it is… What comes up must come down! The “American Dream” is over. It never was actually a dream, the people are now seeing it clear that it was all just a farce! More like an American nightmare! One that needs to happen in order for the paradigm shift to occur. As George Carlin once said “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” That couldn’t be more true today. What these protests, rallies and marches do, is to wake up the people from that “dream” into realizing the nightmare they are about to experience if they don’t take action to stop the tyranny, the oppression, the hate, bigotry and racism, the discrimination, the war on women, the travel ban on immigrants and so on… And it was also on that weekend, the day after the inauguration, that the Women’s March took place all over the USA. I was amazed and moved to tears.

Protest: Protesters vs. Provocateurs



The mayor of New York City, Mayor de Blasio, had said they would do all that is necessary to keep these protests safe, and here In New York it most certainly was and still is more safe than in other states. In Washington, DC some of the protests turned into riots, some were necessary riots to occur, like when alt-right leader white nationalist Richard Spencer got punched to the face by an Anti Trump protester who was hiding his face in a mask, and who happened to be white himself from what we can see. His hands were not covered when he threw that punch with his fist. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the YouTube video. He got what he deserved. I’m sure Richard Spencer will go hide under a rock now, hopefully! There were of course Soros shills and Trump shills causing a scene to provoke arrests in Washington DC and in Portland, Oregon and these of course were not necessary at all. 217 arrests were made in Washington, probably provoked by the provocateurs that were paid to set many of the protesters up. This happens a lot when there are thousands upon thousands fighting tyranny, which is why we have to stay clear of some who are there to disrupt and detract. The provocateurs are usually more loud and aggressive than anyone else in the marches, some are set up to create riots and violence, others are just angry like the rest of us, and rightfully so. If I see a provocateur getting close to me, I just walk far away from them and move to a different location. The majority of the protesters were there for all the right reasons. The Trump supporters had protests of their own, but they were small in comparison to Anti-Trump protesters, and some of those Trump supporters got violent in other states.



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Protest is becoming more frequent.



The future Is already here, and it is now becoming the norm to protest, rally, march and even riot against tyranny in order for the dialectical wars to begin. It’s just a matter of time before the people take back all their power, as long as we don’t comply with the oppression and tyranny of the Trump administration we will be able to overthrow this Old World Order in due time. We must continue to defeat the oligarchy that rules and take them down! Now is the time to start making those flyers and banners, go to your nearest protest, rally/march and hand them out, as the flyers should say “Vote for a Meritocratic system where we impose a 100% inheritance tax on the wealthy upon their death, this ensures that there will be no more Donald Trump’s taking office ever again.” #DeleteTheElite



We need to make slogans, hashtags and signs that stand behind Meritocracy, because now I do believe the people are ready for it. At least a start in the right direction, leading and inspiring the people for a new system, an offer they can’t refuse! Let’s get out there and do it, test it on the next protest until we are ready to go further with it. My next Anti-Trump protest will be February 20th at Trump Tower. I will have a few more signs with me and one of them will lead the way to Meritocracy.Many have criticized me for taking this leap against the corrupt establishment of the USA, saying it’s not patriotic to do so. To protest or not to protest? If you’re not getting out there to show resistance to this current old world order establishment, either in rally and marches or some other way, then you will be one of the very few, the unpopular few, who stood by and did nothing to help change the world. I prefer to be a part of an historical moment that now is a part of HERstory. I am my own God and can take part in changing the world. We all have the power to do the same.



Karina Figueroa writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review.

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  • February 13, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Great effort there. It’s a very good idea to keep away from potentially violent persons; you don’t get beaten up and Meritocracy will not get bad reputation.


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