Electrons, Equations, and Souls

Electrons and their ability to seemingly occupy the same space have bedazzled and frazzled scientific materialists the world over. How can this be possible? Wouldn’t it be easier to just say that only one electron exists and can be anywhere it needs to be at any possible time? Obviously this would contradict many of the barely stable edifices of the current scientific paradigm and force an entirely new way of thinking, for (ostensibly) some of the greatest minds that the human race has at its disposal.


The number of electrons in existence is completely incalculable (at least until we know what the highest possible number is (we label this number Myriad). There is, however, a perfectly rational way to resolve this issue before that number is discovered. Ontological mathematics, as always, gives us a way out of any philosophical dilemma.

If we think of electrons as having a positive or negative charge, and remember that the universe itself must eventually balance out to net zero, we can deduce that each electron that exists has a partner which has the exact opposite (either positive or negative) charge. Since we Gnostic Mathematicians know that the universe will eventually reach perfect symmetry, and thus the end of the current cosmic age, we can rethink electrons in a much simpler way (using pure mathematical logic): As Above, So Below.



How Do Electrons Relate to Souls/Monads?



Well, since monads are all that actually exist, and their contents are just unoptimized, inefficient collections of basic sinusoidal waves, we can see that if we consider each of us as our own personal equation, then we are all constantly revolving around one another, in sometimes desperately futile attempts to relate (or balance our equations in pursuit of symmetry).




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We are all expressions of one supreme, immutable, and overarching mathematical law which guides us, binds us, and literally creates something out of nothing at every possible instant that we exist. This law is a formula discovered by the genius Leonhard Euler which we call the God Equation.
Each of us is an expression of this equation, with our only differences being our current sets of complex coordinates, represented by ai+b. These coordinates are the result of our unique positions (or I suppose we could label them as perspectives) that we have as a result of the massive antisymmetry event (better known as the Big Bang) which created the six dimensional spacetime reality that we inhabit today, and allows us each to individuate in a relentless competition for power (I call this The God Game [Thanks Mike Hockney]).



Since we are constantly and intuitively calculating and recalculating our current complex coordinates, this allows spacetime to continue to exist. The God Equation, if you aren’t conscious enough to do it yourself, will force you to accept a set of coordinates.

In our own mindspaces, we perceive the spacetime world as being relatively stable, with change happening at a snail’s pace. If we didn’t have minds, we would perceive absolutely nothing. We wouldn’t see, taste, touch, hear, or smell. The reason we can at one time perceive no motion and at another see the world moving by rapidly is because our actual selves are located outside of the world that they perceive. Everything, including thoughts, emotions, and physical movement are in constant motion. We can, with the power of our own conscious minds, quite literally slow down time and space. Have you ever been bored and felt like every second was passing as if they were eternal? Have you ever performed on stage and at the end realized that you don’t remember exactly how it went because you were “in the moment?”



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When we touch an object, we aren’t actually touching the object itself. The forces concerning the electrons at our fingertips are interacting with those of the object. Even waving your hand in the air is manipulating space time. The Force is very real, and all that it takes to have it is conscious awareness of everything I’ve said in this article.



Onward to Abraxas!



Datum perficiemus munus.


Brett Urben writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

4 thoughts on “Electrons, Equations, and Souls

  • February 22, 2017 at 1:17 am

    Who says positive electrons exist? Physicists define protons and/or positrons with positive charge, but I don’t know much about the difference.

    In six-dimensional spacetime of three space axes, we actually have three space coordinates. If I recall, ℂ (complex numbers) is equivalent to ℝ² (real numbers in two dimensions,) so while it can be said to accurate to use a+bi, i.e. (a,bi,) you don’t really need to specify ‘i’ except for the time coordinates: (x,y) is equivalent to (a,bi.) But, we’d use something like (x,y,z) for space and three imaginary coordinates for time. I don’t know how you’d write a three-dimensional or six-dimensional complex (hypercomplex) number, and some writers are using i,j,k instead of three i’s (I don’t know which is correct)… but the information is probably out there somewhere.

    • February 22, 2017 at 11:15 am

      I mean electrons with a positive spin, which is just a non mathematical abstraction.

      We could use different names for every particle. It’s just scientific jargon.

      Unfortunately we would need a completely new type of grid to accurately show x,y,z and xi,yi, and zi coordinates.

      Ai+b is a lot simpler and more easily understood because it can be shown on a typical Cartesian grid.

      Thanks for the response.

      • February 24, 2017 at 4:43 am

        Okay, I might have read something about such electrons in Mike Hockney’s The God Series (GS.) The six-dimensional (6D) grid exists, with three real, three imaginary axes, first described by Adam Weishaupt (contemporary Illuminati pseuduonym from the past version of their website) in _The Illuminati’s Six-dimensional universe_, then GS. Also, the official http://www.facebook.com/pythagorean.illuminati did several posts long ago showing the three-dimensional (3D) Euler’s Formula (God Equation,) looking like a 3D spiral. Later someone asked them about the 6D version. So this stuff exists, just we have to figure it out. If it’s 6D, it’s simply six coordinates like (x,y,z,xi,yi,zi,) but the actual mathematics of using those coordinates could be very complicated.

  • February 22, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    “… literally creates something out of nothing…” – phrase can be very easily misunderstood as a supporting statement of the materialist theory of Big Bang appearing from nonexistence, nothing. “Nothing” cannot exist so there’s always something. It’s just not necessarily dimensional so only from a materialist point of view something comes out of “nothing.” “Nothing” being the dimensionless frequency domain, not a true “nothing” which – a bit repetition – is impossible.


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