New Age Bullshit: Where’s the Merit?

As ontological mathematicians of the highest caliber, the Pythagorean Illuminati espouse thought and intuition over sensing and feeling. Unfortunately for us, this means we’re left out in the cold when exposed to the public sphere. Those of us, whether extraverted or introverted, who align with the former two functions are surrounded on all sides by about 90% of the human race, who wander aimlessly as if they were robots on a completely different frequency, operating on a wavelength that we could never hope to comprehend. But in the middle is the New Age crowd.

Their insanity and our rationality seem to meet in the middle when it comes to those who we label “New-Agers.” Their beliefs originate with the New Age religious movement. This species specifically focuses on feelings and (hopefully) intuition. They prattle on endlessly about “good vibes” and abhor conflict in all forms (if only they could stop conflicting with us, right?). As soon as someone with “negative” energy enters the room, they turn on that person with the ferocity that only Mephistopheles could take. If said person mentions anything that makes these loonies feel bad, they immediately enter into some sort of evolutionary pack mentality which forces the rational, “negative” person to slip deeper and deeper into their own negativity.

The New Age: Trust Me, I’ve Seen This Before


These people ramble endlessly about “third eye intuitions” and “radiating positive vibes” so much so that even my dick goes limp (and I’m a horny bastard). However, there is a connection we can make between positivity, negativity, symmetry, and antisymmetry.

If we consider positivity to be spawned from the Luciferian instinct, which is concerned with preserving universal symmetry at all costs, and negativity to be born of the Satanic instinct, which only hopes for power through force (IE conscious antisymmetry events), then we can associate “good vibes” with the preservation of group cohesion, and “bad vibes” with the individual hoping to either enter said group, or dominate it as an individual.



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Unfortunately, the new-age people I complained about earlier won’t read this article at all (if you are, then you are immediately excluded from their hopeless addiction to the ecstasy of ignorance, so thank you!).



The New Age: Aligning Thought With Feeling



A good way to bridge the gap between rationalism and new age-ism is to begin with what my own mother called “sitting with one’s feelings.” Start a thought and analyze your feelings as you do so. Since everything is literally just thinking in action, it isn’t as hard as it seems. Observing the right and left sides of your body (corresponding to your left and right brains, respectively) as you think and feel will give you a sense of the dialectical flow of information. Hopefully this will lead to the strengthening of your corpus callosum, an increase in your mind’s power (negentropy), and the ability to use either one of your brains for the task which suits it best. However, I’m not you, so do take all of this with a grain of salt.



And please, for the love of Lucifera, do not go mad. Don’t troll us. Don’t blame us for your inadequacies. Just live and let live.



Vibes Positivum!



Brett Urben writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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