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And God said “Let there be Light!” and there was light. – Genesis 1:3

While reading a recently published book by Dr. Thomas Stark (Book 1 of the Truth Series), I came across an interesting topic about the nature of light that was commonly discussed throughout the God Series by Mike Hockney. Dr. Stark mentioned Descartes definition of mind as unextended thinking substance and sought to equate this to the definition of light. He stated “To do so, light must be immaterial, massless, unextended, outside space and time, and be constantly in motion (because if thinking stopped, mind would cease to exist… a mind is simply that which thinks, and can do nothing else; it thinks forever).”


If the reader is familiar with the photon, then this will make perfect sense.
Light, mind and life have an intimate relationship in nature because, in reality they are all different manifestations of the same thing. Without the electromagnetic radiation from the sun, there would be no life on Earth. No life, no minds, hence no thoughts. So there is definitely a relationship between light and mind that is being totally ignored by the scientific establishment because it brings one into the territory of metaphysics. Physics deals strictly with the material world and treats light in the form of photons as physical particles while simultaneously saying that no particle of matter can reach the speed of light. In order for this to happen, a material particle would require infinite energy to do so, and science abhors the infinite.


Ontological Mathematics is the Light of our Life

Dr. Thomas Stark brought up a further interesting point that I don’t think is given much thought: if matter can never reach lightspeed, what category of existence does light exist in? This, again, brings us back to the issue of metaphysics. Electromagnetism is in a wholly different category of existence, the unextended, non-spatial, and non-temporal domain of existence that is the precursor to the material realm that our bodies reside in. Einstein thought that the ether was impossible, but his assumption that the speed of light is absolute lends credence that light is the true ether of existence. In fact, light is the basis of existence itself. It is the eternal substance that most people would equate with God’s creation. However, electro magnetic waves being eternal disproves the idea of it being a creation. Light comes before God, not the other way around, and creates him through the universal dialectic.
Dr. Stark makes further mention of the famous mathematical equation of Leonhard Euler. This equation has been dubbed the God Equation for its beauty, symmetry and it’s wondrous capacity to prove how something equals nothing. With a rationalist mindset, one can glance at this and realize that they are witnessing the true nature of the universe. With this equation, it may be intuited that Descartes’ dualism should be reinterpreted as a dual-aspect monism. Existence comes to us in two flavors, mind and matter, and we constantly interact with both sides. Electromagnet waves can be viewed as the zero side of the equation while the material universe would be represented by the other side. The reason why matter can’t travel at lightspeed is because there is an ontological barrier (the equals sign) that prevents it from doing so. If matter were able to actually attain light speed, it would no longer be matter, but mind.



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I highly recommend Euler’s Formula and Special Relativity by Dr. Thomas Stark. Anyone familiar with the God Series would see it as an excellent introduction to the concept of ontological mathematics. In fact, it may be one of the best texts expounding this brilliant idea yet. At 149 pages, it is not a hard read. Reality, at its foundation, is extremely simple. This book will help you grasp the simple so that you may work towards the complex.

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  • March 13, 2017 at 2:36 am

    An amazing review of the ontological mathematical nature, and certainly a teaser for one to go read the book of Dr. Thomas Stark. Also an wonderful explanation of the electromagnetic waves.


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