A Way Out

A WAY OUT – Knowledge is the over hand in any game. It’s the first step of the solution that breaks the chains of oppression, so we can rise up and make a difference, if not for ourselves for the children of tomorrow.



“Games are my riot, peace is my dream and reality my nightmare”


There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get angry at all of the injustice that I see and how good people are being hurt, used and abused. Just look at how the economy is being manipulated and how people are working hard for basic needs, as they hope that nothing goes wrong for fear of becoming homeless.



The welfare system almost encourages people not to get married so they can obtain more benefits because having more children will increase benefits. We have single parent households trying to get by on never enough, kids running unattended in ghettos, projects and low income areas. Many people don’t finish school and many schools are not even safe to attend, they are full of drugs and violence. Movies and music are designed to project the ‘gangsta’ mentality and many watch the rich and famous and see the only way out is to become a “player”. Many learn it is cool to use and abuse people for monetary gain. “It’s all about the Benjamins.” “You either play or be played.”



Prison and violence are an accepted part of life, that bitter/sweet life, sweet while free and bitter while incarcerated. Oh, how the system loves to use the illiterate and economically challenged as legalized incarcerated slave labor for private businesses. Many people repeat the cycle and get the same results, straight back to prison and some will try and break the cycle and a few may succeed.






For all the people who think they are “players,” those low level individuals who can’t spell chocolate, yet can sell poison to their brothers and sister so they can have name brand clothes, drive an expensive car and wear gold ‘bling’ in the ghettos, and be the “big man” the “king of junk yard”.



Being a low level con artist or drug dealer is not a player. A true player wouldn’t fall for the orchestrations of or accept the mindset of being a criminal, neither would doing time be an acceptable plan for your life. Going to prison and “holding your mud is not a badge of honor,” nor is violence an acceptable way to resolve problems. Hurting your brothers and sisters is not cool! It’s not like that! Player you are being played!






A true player realizes the road to success is about taking responsibility and acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is the key to winning in any game and you aren’t a true player unless you have it. Let me tell you about knowledge, everything you encounter has a language of its own. Accounting is the language of business. Business is a profit making organization. There are three main types of businesses:



Service Business:



Such as beauty salons or prostitution



Merchandising Business :



Such as a grocery store or drug dealer



Manufacturing Business:



Such as automobile manufacturer or Meth-amphetamine manufacturer.



If you are going to be in business player, learn the language of business. I don’t care where you get it or how or even why, just get it. If you are still wanting to go and break the law you may want to acquire the legislative and judicial languages.



Take this for example:



Prostitution from the service level is a misdemeanor charge, county jail time.



Dealing drugs is a state felony, prison time.



Manufacturing drugs is a federal level crime where one does 80 or 85 percent of their sentence.



Why do you think we have the’s laws? For moral reasons? Maybe its the system’s way of taxing you. Who is the player and who is being played?



Lawyers have the upper hand in that game, unless you have learned the law. Lawyers love to sell false hope to criminals and get all the money they can before they plea out your case. Very few cases go to trial.



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If you do go to prison, take complete advantage of the educational programs offered, everyday you are there and remember knowledge is the key to winning in any game.



I didn’t even mention non profit organizations. Churches, each religion has their own languages, you name it there is a language. They seem to be the biggest game in town, you pay to get your guilt removed, pay your tenth (tax) to an imaginary God or a lightning bolt will strike you. Emotional manipulation and the three Abrahamic religions are the worst! Pure slavery.






Knowledge is our way out. As we aquere knowledge our perspective changes. Our minds constantly transform, reaching higher levels of understanding. When we learn to use reason (Illuminism is the only religion of reason), we are not so easily duped because we know the other languages and we can see where others stand and we can then begin to make a difference. We know both right and wrong but can choose to do what is correct.






Meritocracy! Everyone is so conditioned by the media that when they hear about the 100% inheritance tax, they shut down. This tax is not about harming the less fortunate at all. This tax serves a very important purpose. The majority of the world’s money is held just by a few people. It is passed on from one generation to the next. This tax keeps them from giving unearned advantages to their heirs. Within Meritocracy everyone would start off at the same point in life. There would no longer be vicious or virtuous cycles. Meritocracy is the best parts of communism and the best of capitalism, it is the synthesis of the two, it is social capitalism. Drugs would no longer be illegal. The state would manufacture and sell them. They would be regulated and safe. Most importantly they would be taken off of the black market. Imagine how the crime rate would go down and the prisons would be practically non existent. The sex industry would also be controlled and regulated by the State. It would be safe and held to the highest standards . Why should it be illegal anyway? Again it would be taken off of the black market and less people would be incarcerated. Meritocracy encourages you to be all that you can be, and to spend all that you make because you deserve it. This would keep the economy constantly stimulated, because you cannot horde all of the cash when you die. Enjoy your life, you deserve it.






Things cannot continue the way they are now. We need change and Meritocracy offers a complete overhaul of the system. Meritocracy is freedom. Meritocracy is equality. Meritocracy is fairness. We need Meritocracy and Meritocracy needs us. It takes 10 percent of the world’s population to bring about this change. It is the tipping point. We are talking about a worldwide change. Decent food, water, shelter and education for all. Man, woman and child.






Forget being played. It’s time to acquire knowledge and take control. Bring about the tipping point and the paradigm shift.






Christine Andrea Bartol writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

2 thoughts on “A Way Out

  • March 23, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    If people would understand not to follow media they would be able to think about everything without the preconditions the’ve been fed through the media and the owners of the media.

  • March 23, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    Instead of shutting down themselves when hearing about the 100% inheritance tax the people should shut down the media and think for themselves. 100% inheritance tax would actually improve the life of about 99% of the people but many reject the idea without really thinking about it.


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