The American Survival Guide

America is a laughing stock to the outside world. While we take innumerable selfies and post unending narcissistic Facebook rants about how blessed we are to have such loving family and friends, bombs are going off in the Middle East, pirates are murdering innocents in Somalia, and a small number of billionaires are living extravagant and disgusting lives which spit all over the countless people suffering in abject misery across the globe. In this country, smart people fight for survival.


Survival: All the Rest is Propaganda



If you live in the US, every single day, you are subjected to propaganda which serves to influence you into either buying some terribly produced product, believing in some insidious lie, or assuage your fears of the grim future which is assured unless we overthrow the oligarchs who run the planet. Just the other day I came across a sign in a grocery store which told me that the company is doing its part as a wise and productive “corporate citizen.” If you are like me at all, things like this have the ability of throwing you into a deep and furious rage which only drugs or sex can quell.


Survival: Hitting the Ground State



Unfortunately, there are so few Illuminists in existence that we rarely have anyone within the Matrix (heretofore referred to as America) to share this anger with in productive ways. The only way to survive in this country while still being assaulted by a ridiculous amount of malignant signals is to take a tip from the philosophical great himself: Socrates.



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As philosophers we have a skill that billions on the planet lack: we can say we know nothing. If understood through the lens of Ontological Mathematics, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning. The key to mental survival is holding no beliefs. We can “know nothing” and return to our personal, rational ground states. This becomes a shield which blocks those annoying messages from advertisements, mass media, and the internet which only exist to sway opinions to one side or the other. In fact, these errant signals, when interpreted correctly, can give us energy in the form of anger, which we can channel into our projects. We can find ideas for retaliation within them.



Survival: America is a Lost Cause



Unfortunately there isn’t much that us enlightened folk in America can do besides ride the storm. If we’re lucky enough to be near politically active groups, we can lend our aid. If we’re fortunate enough to have material wealth, then we can be of even more help. What many outside of the country don’t understand is that for those of us bright lights trapped in the vast darkness that is The United States, every day is a struggle to maintain our rationality while confronted by forces so irrational that even Charles Manson wouldn’t have a problem fitting in today. Hopefully, by using the Old World Order and their foot soldiers’ propaganda against them, we can maintain our sanity while also fighting the good fight.

For us here, hope is all but lost. Our leader is resembling Adolf Hitler more and more as the days pass, we have a massive percentage of the population supporting him even as his list of transgressions grows unbelievably longer, and even worse, a lot of them have access to firearms.
Hopefully change comes soon. Sadly it appears it will most likely be in the form of a mushroom cloud.



Ad Absurdum


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