The Power of Thought

What is a thought? How do thoughts come to be? What contains thoughts? Why is “thought” hardly thought of? Anyone who has pondered the mind will realize that these are extremely pertinent questions regarding the nature of existence, and yet these questions go unanswered in the lives of many people across the world. The reason for this is because thought is completely undervalued is the present day and most people would rather have their thoughts handed to them through simple memes that make them laugh or feel good about themselves.


Free Your Thoughts


However, this leads to people being ruled by prevailing thought-forms rather than creating new and more useful memes that can be introduced into the meme pool. According to Mike Hockney, a thought is an informational wave-function based on sines and cosines. Thoughts are essentially made up of photons, and these photon-based thoughts are held within monads, mental entities that seek to optimize themselves into perfect symmetry. It takes a powerful monad to understand itself for what it really is and thereby consciously take control of its own destiny in its pursuit of perfection. This information is extremely important, because without it, one will be ineffective at playing the God Game.


Control Your Thoughts

Once one realizes that they are in a “game” of universal proportions, they can begin taking objective account of their thought processes and realize that the thoughts they manifest and allow to take root within their mind will lead to the so-called physical AND mental transformation of the person. When one is unaware of the nature of thought, they will not understand the fact that every thought attracts an informational pattern within their mind (and body by extension). Some thoughts are extremely organized and give rise to mental symmetry (mathematics being the greatest example) while others tend to cause disharmony and unwanted stress at a subconscious level. Think of the thoughts arising from a horror movie, for example: one may watch such a movie and be plagued by nightmares shortly afterwards. Every thought leaves its impression upon our minds, and if we are not careful, we will attract unwanted thought-forms that may or may not be detrimental to our daily life.



Thought Attraction

I used to think that thought attraction was some “woo-woo” stuff normally attributed to New Age cults, but I have since reevaluated this way of thinking in terms of the God Series. Within ontological mathematics, it is clear that the nature of existence is based on minds (monads) and their individual and collective thoughts. Each individual has some degree of input within the greater universal collective, but one monad can only exercise a greater degree of control in proportion to how conscious and aware it is of its own potential. A self-conscious monad can achieve the actualization of its potential much more efficiently than an unconscious monad.



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I take my own life as a case in point. Throughout my life, I have generally been an optimistic and intelligent person with an overwhelming trust in my own mind. Although I had been brought up initially as a Mormon, I knew full well early on that I had potential to reach God through the mind. My form of prayer was more of a version of telling myself what I wanted mentally so I could harness the energy needed to follow through physically. I always considered prayer as effective only if it were constantly reaffirmed and when I took steps towards manifesting it in reality. I have plenty of moments where I’ve had a thought and something associated with that thought was immediately brought into my awareness in the so-called physical arena. A mental universe does not act capriciously, and if a mind maintains a thought long enough, that thought is bound to manifest in some way.

This brings us to an important point, the point I wanted to make in this article: we must consciously take control of our thoughts and ensure that we entertain thoughts that bring clarity and order to our thinking. With clearer thinking, one can live life in their own creative way, realizing what they have to offer and simultaneously manifesting their talents for the benefit of society. Each individual should recognize the mental universe and reject the thought-forms that seek to force them into “traditional” roles. We must mold ourselves and our futures through the thoughts we adopt rather than be molded by the prevailing thought forms that are pronounced “proper” by societal norms. If we continue adopting the old thought-forms, we will continue to attract the same results. Adopting new, well-ordered thought-forms based on the ideas of Mike Hockney will lead to new results produced by new individuals, eventually culminating in a Society of the Divine, where everyone has become a God in their own right.



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