Consumers, Followers and Slaves

What happened? Since when were we all slaves? How did things get so out of hand? Who is responsible for the state of the world and how do we change it?



I was born in America and like most Americans I was raised to believe in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Raised to believe anyone could become president of the USA. Raised to believe that capitalism is great and through it anyone could become rich and live the American dream. I was raised to believe that if someone didn’t reach that so called “obtainable” goal it was because they chose not to! It was that cut and dry. I thought I was anything but a slave. Maybe in the beginning it was like that but things have changed and changed for the worse for the majority of the people. I am angry about what I’ve learned! The corruption has grown out of control and the problem seems so overwhelming. Where does change begin or has control been completely wrested away from We The People?





I couldn’t help but notice how Donald Trump can stir up the hornets nests. He has angered the blacks; the Hispanics / illegal aliens, the gays and women. He even crossed international borders and angered many people. While the left hand is focused on whatever anger they have, I wonder what the right hand is doing. Could it be a strategy to dupe us slaves?



Everybody knows pure power corrupts and that is why we have a system of checks and balances to protect us from becoming slaves. We have a democracy and we vote for our president, right? Obviously it isn’t working. All branches of government have been infiltrated systematically. Capitalism and consumerism seem to rule.



“* They have denied or vehemently opposed laws progressing the common welfare and championed legislation for the inequitable privilege of their own class.
* They have wrested control of the body politic through usurpations of Republican values by secretive and private assemblies of financial elites.



* They have usurped the political process through systematic infiltration of the civic domain by domineering the legislative assemblies through bribery and blackmail.



* They have dominated the media through privatization and consolidation. They have utilized marketing and spin to lie, conflate facts and manipulate public perception toward the end of propagating false narratives. These dangerous false narratives have serve purpose to justifying abhorrent acts of the power elites and manipulating the public towards mindsets contrary to their own good.



Assertions For Revolution






Political Action Committees used to have limits on how much money could be donated to presidential candidates. In 2010, the Supreme Court made a ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. That ruling and a few subsequent ones removed all limits on how much money individuals could donate to Political Action Committees, and removed virtually all limits on how much corporations and nonprofit groups could donate on federal elections. Simply put, the presidential election can now be bought and legislation manipulated making the poor their slaves.



Donald Trump, a billionaire and self-proclaimed outsider ran for and won the presidency. He spoke venomously about the corrupt political elites and campaigned by attacking big donors, corporate lobbyists, and political action committees. The Koch brothers are known for their political spending and withheld financial support from Trump. Yet, at Trump’s victory party in midtown Manhattan, there stood David Koch.



David Koch had continued to express his distaste for Trump. Everything Trump was for, David Koch was against. Koch supported immigration and free trade which benefited his multinational corporation.



Donald Trump promised, “I will Make Our Government Honest Again – believe me. But first I’m going to have to Drain The Swamp”. Yet, Democratic member of the Federal Election Commission, Ann Ravel observed that just days after Trump was elected “the alligators are multiplying “. Trump’s transition team was the corporate insiders he promised to disempower. Most prominent among them were political operatives who had financial ties to the Kochs and remember, all the while the Kochs continued to express their distaste for Trump!



Vice President Mike Pence, the chair of Trump’s transitional team had been Charles Koch’s first choice for the presidency in 2012 and a major recipient of his campaign contributions. Koch and Pence share an enthusiasm for privatizing Social Security.



“Privatization” is always a big red flag!
Imagine everybody’s Social Security being invested in stocks that could possibly fail and a stock market that can be manipulated for that very reason!



“The Kochs had $889 million set aside in order to purchase the presidency.
And while the media fixated on the presidential race, the Kochs and their network of right wing political patrons spent more money than ever on the three pronged influence – buying approach they had mastered. They combined corporate lobbying, politically tinged nonprofit spending, and “down ballot” campaign contributions in state and local races. They downgraded their budget to $750 million and directed several hundred million of it to races beneath the presidential level. Few noticed, but in 2016 Koch industries and Freedom Partners poured huge sums into at least 19 Senate, 42 House and four gubernatorial races as well as countless lesser ones all over the country.
The Koch network had 1,600 paid staffers in 35 states and boasted that its operation covered 80 percent of the population. Whereas, a few years earlier out had 450 paid staff.”
Dark Money by Jane Mayer



I have just skimmed the surface over a few of their many orchestrations. As you can see, all branches of our government have been manipulated, infiltrated, bought and paid for by the highest bidder.



Where does it all end? Our government needs a major overhaul from the ground up. We don’t want an oligarchy. We need to eliminate nepotism and cronyism. We need our leaders to be educated and the people who vote should have to take a test to show they are knowledgeable enough to make an educated decision. We need a Meritocratic society. A government that is fair, where everyone starts out on an equal footing, where there isn’t any inherited advantage. As is stands now, tensions among American people are at an all time high. Many have taken to the street in protest. “Not My President” can be heard throughout the country. People are wondering how Donald Trump won the presidency. Others are hoping he will stimulate the economy by bringing back big business.



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It is obvious that the middle class is vanishing and there will be either rich or poor citizens. The poor will be slaves for the rich. Where will you be when that time comes? It’s not that far in the future and that is why we must do something now!



Meritocracy is the cure for all of the corruption and manipulation. The cure all is the 100% inheritance tax. Think about the big picture and I can’t emphasize this enough, when the rich die they will no longer be able to hand over their power and control to their heirs. The playing field is leveled and we can begin to dialectically evolve as a society.



Join a Meritocracy Party and find out what you can do to make a difference. Be a part of the solution. I think we all have had enough. It’s our world too. We have an equal right to live free and reach our full potential as a society and as individuals. We will never be free as long as the economy can be manipulated as it is now, including the infiltration of all branches of our government.



I know many of you already see it and want to help. Yet the problem is so overwhelmingly large that you wouldn’t know where to start, even though I know you want to help break the chains of oppression that enslave us so that our children and grandchildren can have a better life.



Meritocracy is the solution. We want to hear from you.



Christine Andrea Bartol writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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