The Rich Man’s Welfare

These days, everyone says that we live in a welfare state where everyone believes themselves to be entitled to a basic standard of living while doing no productive, meaningful work for the good of the nation. Every time this hollow platitude is blurted out on the news media (or in your own home, workplace, or school), it almost seems to gain universal acceptance without any further thought into its basic premise. That premise is that the rich are morally superior to the poor because they do more work and give more to the people, the nation, and the world; on the other hand, the poor fail in every regard, and must be assisted by the State, to the detriment of everyone else. Of course, anyone who has studied a bit of history knows that the so-called “welfare state” arose when Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted the New Deal after the capitalist-caused Great Depression began with the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The whole idea of social welfare came about as a result of the rapacious capitalism practiced by the rich elites who subscribe to a similar doctrine of financial assistance: inheritance.

The Rich man’s Welfare

Inheritance is, in essence, a rich man’s welfare. It requires no actual work on the side of the inheritor (unless one calls being a son or daughter “work”). It breeds a sense of entitlement. It transfers a vast degree of wealth, influence, and power from the ones who earned it to the ones who didn’t. It even creates lazy and incompetent people who don’t subscribe to a hard work ethic and never try to make something of themselves for the good of society (ever seen a billionaire do a stint of manual labor?). Everything said about the public welfare system can easily be said about the private welfare system, and yet no one wants to point this out; that’s either because they are either too dumb to realize this, or it is the person’s best interest to keep the masses from realizing the deceitful propaganda that is aired on a daily basis.


Conservative commentators constantly berate the liberal Democratic Party for their welfare policies, calling for stricter measures on those who receive state welfare, while never calling attention to the fact that inheritance is more of an evil than food stamps. While the people receiving welfare barely manage to scrape by, the receivers of inheritance (the super rich) are able to live as gods amongs us mere mortals. It’s a cunning deployment of misdirection to keep the masses focused on a symptom of the underlying disease that is our politico-economic system. You see, the poor would not need state handouts if the wealth in the economy were flowing freely as it would be in a truly “free-market”, where every player in the market has essentially the same resources, same influence, and same bargaining power as everyone else in the game. However, the market is a rigged system because of the lottery that is birth.


If you are lucky enough to be born to a rich family, you are handed endless opportunities to succeed. Look at George W. Bush, a C student, and then look at Donald Trump. Two of the dumbest and most selfish individuals on the face of the earth, and yet because their families had wealth, power and influence, they managed to reach the highest office of the US government. It would be a miracle for a poor person to become the US President, and that’s the entire problem.



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When the rich continue to keep hoarding resources within their family, generation after generation, their wealth begins to expand to such proportions that other families are unable to keep up. Since we live in a finite world, the logical outcome of a system that continuously allows families to shore up assets to be passed to their heirs without any regression to the mean results in the world we have today. A handful of billionaires own as much as more than half of the world’s population put together, and yet we are getting onto the poor for being “entitled”. The rich have become entitled to the point that they believe the whole world should bow to them because of the amount of money in their bank account. However, this won’t last forever.


The Profit Principle is what governs this endless accumulation of wealth, and the only way to get rid of this tyrannical system is to implement the 100% inheritance tax. With this single measure, the entire game changes: one can no longer continue to hoard resources in order to pass them on to one’s offspring. One’s assets must actually be used by the one who earned them. Any and all tax revenue from this would go towards the improvement of our nation’s human capital by funding the complete overhaul of the educational system. Every child, regardless of background, will be psychologically profiled and placed in the school that fits his or her educational needs and preferences, resulting in a much happier and productive collection of students. This education will allow each and every student to become an expert in their field so that they can produce meaningful work for the betterment of society. No one will need to beg for handouts because everyone will know exactly what they are good at doing and will be more than glad to do it.


100% inheritance tax is the only way forward. We must cap the accumulation of wealth somehow, and the best way is to never allow the creation of dynastic families through inheritance that rule the masses in perpetuity. There would be no reason for the welfare state if it weren’t for the private welfare system that has been operating for millennia. We must shine a light on the dark practice of inheritance and show that it is the rich man’s equivalent of the poor man receiving a welfare check from the state. The difference, however, is markedly different: while the poor man receives enough to feed him for a week or so, the rich man receives enough to feed himself and his family for a century. This is despicable, a true tyranny, and we must fight it until our dying breath.



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