WiseBites Episode 29: The Turkish Fuhrer

After the First World War, the Ottoman Empire was thoroughly destroyed. A long, sick regime had finally breathed its last. Once this happened, the Republic of Turkey formed under the guidance of Mustafa Kemal, the first Turkish President. Kemal was later labelled Ataturk, or the father of the Turks. The old monarchy was abolished and he set about dismantling the State which was based upon religion, and recreating it as a modern, secular state with a secular constitution.
It is as if we are in an entirely differently world now though, ironically one much more like Ottoman times. The current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a conservative Islamist has succeeded, by a small margin in winning a referendum in concentrating many powers into his hands. This has effectively made him a dictator within a so called democracy. It brings to mind Vladimir Putin. This has left the entire country a sorely divided place about to step further away from the enlightenment than it ever has been.

Erdogan Rising

But for now, let’s rewind a little. In 2016 the military launched a coup against Erdogan and the government in general. This Armed Forces faction called themselves the Peace at Home Council. However, forces which were loyal to the Islamism of the president, thwarted them. The reasons for this revolt centered around the perceived erosion of secularism, democracy and human rights in the country and its replacement with Islamism. You could almost consider that the armed forces, and Turkey in general had split into two separate countries. One which embodies the spirit of Ataturk, and the other which embodies the spirit of Islam. Bizarrely, up to this very moment the Turkish government blames the coup on the Gulen movement, people loyal to Islamic cleric Fethullah Gullen currently living in the USA. This claim is clearly nonsense considering the coup was about secularism. Since when does a crazy ousted Islamic cleric give a rat’s ass about secularism? But when you are in power, and when you are someone who shrouds themselves in mythos, then you can say anything and get away with it. Just like the WASP elites in the West, the Islamist elites in Turkey are playing a power game to impose the tyrannical rule of Abrahamism over the people and thus pushing us ever further away from the enlightenment that we need.


However, Erdogan should not be so please with himself, he managed to win via a tight margin. 51%. That is hardly a comfortable win by anyone’s standards, being even closer than the UK’s Brexit vote. The divisions were to be demonstrated immediately, with crowds celebrating being faced with crowds protesting. The opposition party, the Republican People’s Party however contested the authenticity of at least 60% of the votes and has demanded a recount. Erdogan of course, basically told everyone to shut up and accept it. One would have to wonder what would happen if he had lost by a similar margin. I doubt he would be telling people to just accept the result then. The problem concerning unstamped ballot papers has been claimed to be legal by the voting authorities.


The protests against the result were distinctly Turkish. Pots and pans were brought out and clanged together creating a cacophonous noise which represented the anguish of the losers. This was opposed by the flag waving patriots who supported Erdogan. The tension was palpable. As it happened, the feeble European Commission urged Erdogan to consider the closeness of the vote and to think about the implications of any decisions he makes. Like he would care, he is a trumped up rich boy Islamist now ruling entirely over the lives of those Ataturkian infidels. But the drama is not over yet. Erdogan has already started throwing out the possibility of having another referendum on the death penalty, which if passed would permanently exclude Turkey from the EU.



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Soon after it happened international monitors swooped in and condemned the vote as having been on an “unlevel playing field.” They say that there were restrictions on campaigning and changes to how the vote would be taken late into the procedure. They claim that the State purposely stopped the opposition from campaigning and used public funds to do so. This statement came from the OSCE:



“The referendum took place place on an unlevel playing field and the two sides of the campaign did not have equal opportunities. The campaign rhetoric was tarnished by some senior officials equating No supporters with terrorist sympathisers, and in numerous cases No supporters faced police interventions and violent scuffles at their events.”



But the fairness of the vote is neither here nor there in a campaign, like that of Trump and Brexit which was mired in misinformation and disinformation. We saw an obvious example of the full power of the State’s propaganda apparatus being put in place to promote the Yes vote. This even spilled over to jingoistic confrontations with various European countries who disallowed Yes rallies among the Turkish diaspora. From all of this, we can see a nationalist, capitalist and Islamist country forming, one which will gravitate steadily away from Europe rather than closer to it.



In times of great uncertainty and economic strife, demagogues always emerge and manipulate people using the weapon of religion. This creates a defined sense of who we are and who we are not. But even though this may give the ignorant fleeting hope for the future in things like making America great again, but it does not at all remedy the actual problems of the world. That calls for nothing more or less than Meritocracy. A society built on reason and one in which populist trash is not tolerated and the Abrahamic religions are treated as the death cults that they are.




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