Partisan Politics is Powerless

For over the past decade, I have witnessed the political pendulum swing from Republican to Democrat, and now back to Republican, and nothing significant has changed. Each party has failed spectacularly: the American nation is continuously diving deeper into debt; the country’s infrastructure is still sorely neglected; alternatives to fossil fuel energies aren’t pushed as much as they should be because of Big Oil/Big Coal interests; and both sides of the two party system can’t seem to agree on anything to move the country forward. The people and the political rhetoric directed to them continues to call for big changes to “make America great again”, but it will never happen until partisan politics becomes a thing of the past.

The Problem with Partisan Politics

You see, when you have two parties in a democratic system, someone can always point their finger at the other party’s representatives and call foul. “It was their fault that healthcare reform didn’t work.” “They are the reason why we can’t get the economy in order.” “They have no idea what they are doing.” But each party has had a president promoting their party for a full two terms (eight total years), and neither side has brought about any lasting benefit to the American people.


Partisan politics is the perfect formula for the members of a party to hold power and still not allow themselves to be held accountable. They will blame the other party for every issue that arises. Even though both the Republicans and the Democrats are funded by the same corporate entities (think Goldman Sachs), they continue to act as if they are entirely separate and try to put forth policies that seem to favor their political platform. However, with the war going on in Syria, and Trump’s move to “bomb the shit out of them” after the chemical weapon attack alleged to have been committed by Assad’s military forces, it is clear that both parties are the puppets of the oligarchs who fund and profit from the whole politico-military-industrial complex. Partisan politics is an elaborate smokescreen that is getting harder and harder to sell to the American people. Now that a billionaire oligarch is in office, the jig is up.


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Most Americans are ready for some kind of change, and it is obvious it won’t come from the prevailing political system that allows politicians to remain accountable only to those oligarchs and corporations that back their election campaigns. It is now time to push for a new system, based on Plato’s Republic where the most wise are the only people allowed to come to power. The wise care not for profit, but for the betterment of the people they rule as philosopher-kings. American capitalist democracy is the problem because those who rule want to keep everyone enslaved by their games. Meritocracy, backed by social capitalism, is the answer. In a meritocratic republic, each politician will be an independent, and when elected, will be fully accountable to his or her electorate. There will no longer be any finger pointing across parties because each politician is to represent the General Will of the country rather than representing a political party that stands for the particular wills of oligarchs.


We need change in order to grow, and our current system is holding us all back. Capitalist democracy has become a stagnant system because all the capital is stuck at the top, and the 1% continue to squeeze the people for as much profit as possible. A meritocracy would change all of that by implementing a social capitalism. The values of America have to change, and we cannot revert back to the old ways of doing things. The future is now and we require new thinking. Let’s implement the new now and be ready for whatever comes our way.



Cole Krisell writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

One thought on “Partisan Politics is Powerless

  • May 1, 2017 at 1:36 am

    Well said Cole. The finger pointing (and absolute lack of accountability) is the way of major party politics here in Australia also. Thanks to the enlightened writings of Mike Hockney et al and articles such as this one, folks like me have been introduced to devices for assessing institutions – political, religious, business – as well as individuals (here’s looking in the mirror!). Such a device is General Will versus Particular Will.
    Keep getting the message out – you are reaching the back blocks of Oz!


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