You Don’t Care!

You don’t seriously care about anything. You have all the right thoughts and opinions, but you don’t care. You hold those thoughts and opinions because they make you comfortable and they make you appear good. You, however, are not good and you do not deserve to be comfortable.

You Don’t Care About Religion



You don’t take religion seriously. You don’t see it as a problem. I hear plenty about the evil bakers refusing to commit what, in their mind, would be a sin and validate a gay couple’s marriage. I hear plenty about how annoying evangelicals are when they approach you on the street. I hear shit-all about childhood religious indoctrination. At least, I hear no proposals for dealing with this problem. Clearly, the latter problem is the most damaging. Why is this?




The answer is obvious. It’s because it is all about you, son of a bitch! You aren’t the least bit bothered about childhood indoctrination because you are not a child and no one is trying to indoctrinate you. You realize that opposing this would be a difficult battle to fight and would bring much anger in your direction. Clearly, you don’t want to deal with this. Not for the sake of other people, of course.




No. You choose to “coexist” until the religious come and spoil your party. You don’t enjoy being told by a stranger that you are going to Hell, so you bitch and moan when they do it to you. Not a thought is given for those who are told they are damned and believe it. Not a thought is given for those who are actually damaged by religion, because, let’s face it, these are probably the same people who are annoying you. It is your comfort that matters, after all.



You Don’t Care About The Poor



Oh, yeah. You’re all about welfare. You’re all about helping out the less fortunate. You consider the “welfare trap” to be a myth and will dump money on problems which are only exacerbated by your meddling.



What of the “ownership class?” Oh, no. They don’t exist. There is only poverty. There is only misfortune. There are only these abstract entities we need to deal with. Don’t target the rich. Why, there are many lovely, kind rich progressives. Don’t hurt them.


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Totally transparent. You don’t want to help. You want to appear to help. Make no mistake. In a post scarcity society, there is only one way there can be poverty. This is waste. This occurs when resources are misdirected. To fix this, it is necessary to determine the source of the waste and resolve it. This entails denying certain people certain things. It is necessary to own up to this. Of course, if you never really cared, it would be perfectly fine to borrow money to pay for token gestures of giving a shit. Someone else will pay for it, but you’ll get the credit for being the good guy.



You Don’t Care About Progress



Yeah, you love to binge watch documentaries. You have fallen in love with Neil Degrasse Tyson. You talk about what you see and wax poetic about colonizing Mars.



Ever pick up a text book?



Not a chance.



You like to talk like your learned. Whether it is something related to sociology or science, you got the language down. You know all of the right buzzwords to appear knowledgeable. You don’t seriously try though. That doesn’t stop you from having opinions, however. You lack the insecurity that healthy people have about their knowledge.



Heck. This is a fault I have. I don’t know enough. Whatever. “Fix it” is the answer.



This is your problem. You ought to have more hatred of yourself and others. You ought to be motivated to change yourself and your community for the better. You aren’t. That’s the problem. Don’t feel too bad, though. Most people are as awful as you. Typical of the liberal nice guys.



Jason Calhoughney writing for the Apollo Institute of Reason AIR Review©

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