The AIR Announcement

Greetings one and all, it has been a while since this site has been updated because we have been setting up a new system within AIR. So after a lot of head scratching, this is what the organisation will look like from now on.


Everyday (excluding weekends because even the Gnostic Heretic needs to chill) we will be hosting the AIR Review. A written summary of internal AIR news as well our view of current events happening all over the world, and how they relate to our mission.


Between the daily updates, written essays and other posts will be displayed, educating and inspiring our readers to revolutionary action.



So first up on the AIR Review is to tell you about our new philosophy. Quality. Previously we just let all members have at it, and write for the site, developing their skills through experience and feedback. However, as much as the grassroots approach is great, it will not win the war against the Capitalist elite. Rough and ready does not look professional. It fails to maintain a level of presentation that rivals the glitz and glamour of capitalist advertising. Our focus will now be on presentation. Every post will be meticulously worked on until it is the very best it can be. This includes placing only the best writers on the team. So we now have a writing division, someone who makes memes, a religious division and a general ‘outreach’ division. The job of the outreach crew is to spread the work posted on this website onto Reddit or other discussion forums to spread our message and persuade the masses. However, the more types of people we have, the more divisions we can make and the more varied our content can be. We want an art division, a film division, a *whatever else you can think of* division. We want your creativity. We want the edge. We need to to beat the capitalist scum. We need quality.


Do you have radical ideas of your own? Why not write for the AIR Review. Contact us now.



If you think this is something you would be interested in taking part in, get in contact with us. Any contribution is a good contribution, even if you only wish to join as an Associate member and give us your support. Make sure you have some part in the revolution. Do not let history be written without you.


Join AIR today!



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