The Illuminist Family!

The Illuminist Family!

maxresdefault-2Weishaupt attempts to dispel popular conspiracy theories regarding the Illuminati as being sinister puppet masters who control the world from the shadows. According to Weishaupt, the opposite is true and the Illuminati are freedom fighters opposed to the super wealthy and the establishment.

Contrary to contemporary scholarship, they maintain that Adam Weishaupt was not the founder of the Illuminati, but was one in a long series of Grand Masters originating with Pythagoras. He is often believed to be the founder because he was the first to make the society a matter of public record. In order to protect the precise history of the Order, which has not been revealed by the authors, Weishaupt often encouraged rumors about its founding to deny their enemies any intelligence that may have assisted them.


The Order of Solomon

220px-seal_of_solomon_simple_version-svgGranted the title of Grand Master of the Illuminati in hindsight, Soloman, King of Israel. During his reign he met with a member of the proto-Illuminati who convinced him of Illuminism’s tenets. Solomon then founded a secret society known as the Order of Solomon in order to stop the Jews worshipping Yahweh and to eventually destroy Yahweh.



313aa4b0dc54d31a79353899e205ed4bWeishaupt claims that ancient Druidism was a Celtic version of Gnosticism. He even claims travelling Druids met Pythagoras and adopted many of his teachings. They claim Druidism is represented as Merlin in the Arthurian Romances showing the seemingly magical power of someone who is close to becoming God. Their practices and beliefs were lost to time with the invasion of the Romans.


Simon Magus

simon_magusSimon Magus is claimed to have been a Grand Master of the Illuminati. His accomplishments are not revealed by Weishaupt for unknown reasons. However he was considered a dangerous adherent of Gnosticism by the Christian authorities.


022fc23338d53fbd7070be406f3c295aA religion based off of Gnosticism designed to appeal to the Roman legions with the purpose of convincing them to seize control of the Roman Empire. With the interference of St. Paul, Mithraism became Christianity which eventually merged with the establishment rather than opposing it.


bahram-iThe prophet Mani is claimed to have been a member of the Pythagorean Illuminati tasked with creating a Gnostic religion for the masses with the purpose of it eventually growing strong enough to oppose Christianity. Adepts of Manichaeism would then be introduced to Pythagorean Illuminism proper.

The Euchites

vintage-inside-the-pyramid-one-big-orgySupposedly led by a rogue Illuminist who preferred the wandering mystic model of the past to the formal organisation of his day. The Euchites lived by begging. They believed they had achieved enlightenment and as a result, were no longer capable of sinning as a result they often engaged in carnal excess as everything they did was innately good. This is claimed to be a distortion of the Illuminist concept of Sin for Salvation.

The Cathars

220px-cathar_cross-svgDesigned to rival the Catholic Church in Southern France in the Middle Ages, the Cathars were a front for the Pythagorean Illuminati. Their tendency for literature acted as the original inspiration for the Order’s fondness for coded fiction which was sued to spread their message without attracting the attention of the religious authorities. The Catholic Church launched a crusade against them and they were nearly entirely destroyed.

The Knights Templar

templar-1080x675Disguised as orthodox Catholic Monks, this front for the Pythagorean Illuminati was designed to retrieve undisclosed objects from the remains of the Temple of Soloman in Jerusalem. Its secondary mission was to erode the Catholic Church from the inside out, however when the Catholic Church discovered their covert activities they were disbanded and their Grand Master executed.

The Capuciati

maxresdefault-1Supposedly a precursor to the Jacobin clubs, this rebel faction attempted to rise up against the Nobility in the 12th century however they were oppressed, accused of heresy and destroyed.

The Heresy of the Free Spirit

adamitesThis group believed that they had achieved perfection and could not sin. They were known for their promiscuity and drug use. Their purpose was to commune with their Higher Self.

Joachim of Fiori and Amaury of Bene

joachimfioreThe former a grand master and the latter a high ranking member of the Pythagorean Illuminati. They divided history into the ages of God the Father, representing Judaism, God the Son, representing Christianity and God the Holy Spirit, representing Gnosticism.

The Dulcinites

salveA movement related to Joachinism, the promoted egalitarianism but were opposed by the nobility and the Church, finally being destroyed in 1307.

The Brethren of the Free Spirit, the Homines Intelligentiae, the Adamites, the Amalricans, the Beghards/Beguines, the Picards, the Turlupins, the Ranters and the Perfectionists.

These groups were similar to Joachimisn however with an emphasis on freedom, engaging in activities which caused scandals. They were eventually targeted and persecuted by the Church.

The Hesychasts

170px-gregor_palamasA break away faction of the Pythagorean Illuminati, they were based on Mount Athos. Their purpose was to achieve a vision of the True God. Contemplation was the center of their beliefs eventually bringing them into the unio mystica – a divine communion with God. They disguised their heretical nature from the Catholic Church by associating their mission with Jesus Christ’s transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

The Alumbrados

committee300_14_01A 15th and 16th century division of the Pythagorean Illuminati who were tasked with infiltrating the Catholic Church through the Illuminist agent Ignatius of Loyola. He then founded the Jesuit Order. After being persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, they moved to France and became known as the Illuminés.

The Jesuit Order

hqdefaultA new version of the Knights Templar.







The Rosicrucians

cross_roseDesigned to give the public glimpses of Freemasony, the Rosicrucians who still exist to this day fell out of control of the Pythagorean Illuminati as time went by.


2000px-square_compasses-svgDesigned to overthrow monarchy and Christianity, this organization was eventually infiltrated by the establishment and corrupted. It is now fully representative of the enemies of the Illuminati, and as a result is considered their greatest failure.



Thomas Jefferson

mte5ndg0mdu1mdewmjq4mja3The third president of the USA, main author of the Declaration of Independence was supposedly an Illuminist. His purpose was to shape the USA in the vision of the Illuminati, however whenever he left office, Old World Order forces took control.

The Jacobin Clubs

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Led by Illuminists, the Jacobin clubs were the driving force behind the French Revolution, however the Jacobin leaders were later executed due to the national strains of war.

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