The AIR Review 21/07/2017

Welcome to today’s AIR news update with me, the Gnostic Heretic, where we give the AIR view on all of the nonsense and nepotism, foolishness and irrationality which plagues the world.


The Religion of Abraham strikes again…and again…and again…


There is rarely a pair of mutual belligerents so often besmirching the news, than the Israelis and the Palestinians. Of course, these violent clashes are never associated with high ideals or indeed, any real ideas beyond religious mania.

It started over a Holy site and ended with the death of an innocent child. The Temple Mount is the devil’s palace, on his throne, he stares down upon the mindless slaves of religion with barely disguised contempt.

AIR believes it is about time the tyrant was deposed and duly punished for his myriad crimes over countless generations. Death to religion. Death to tyranny. Death to irrationality.


Dissecting Religion – AIR exposes the madness of irrational beliefs.


In an upcoming series of special articles, Jason Calhoughny dismantles the very foundations of modern mainstream religion, with a well articulated, properly referenced display of our displeasure at its insanity and barbarism.

Stay on AIR for the first of those articles coming TOMORROW. Don’t miss it.


That’s all the AIR news for today.


Stay rational, stay angry,


Until tomorrow,


The Gnostic Heretic.

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