AIR Review 23/07/2017

Welcome to the AIR Review, the only place you get AIR’s view on current affairs and any and all news updates related to our movement. It’s Sunday 23rd July and I’m the Gnostic Heretic.


Putin and Trump have lover’s spat.


Much has been said about the Putin-Trump relationship. A bromance which seems so sinister that the Dark Lord Sauron would think twice about it.

It is common knowledge that Trump has extensive business ties to the most unsavoury Russians out there, and that Putin is heavily suspected of having influenced the US election in favour of a Trump win. This is something Russia denies, even though Putin really didn’t like Hillary Clinton one bit.

But now Congress, over party lines has gotten together and decided to shackle Trump’s attempt to change the US government’s attitude towards Russia, restricting him from lifting sanctions already placed on Russia.

Trump’s presidency has been clouded with the Russian problem since day one, so it is AIR’s view that it is likely this so called Trump-Putin rivalry is nothing short of staged. It’s purpose is to confuse people, make people not know who the real enemy is. This a technique mastered by Putin and emulated by Trump.

AIR thinks that smoke and mirror politics cannot disguise the failing integrity of capitalism for much longer.


This is the Gnostic Heretic and thank you for reading the AIR Review.

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