AIR Constitution



IDENTITY: This is the Constitution of the Political, Philosophical and Scientific association  referred to as The Apollo Institute of Reason (Referred to hereinafter as “AIR”)


PURPOSE: AIR exists in order to promote, defend, act upon and add to the work published by the secret society known as the Pythagorean Illuminati which is herein referred to as Illuminism.


AIM: To implement Illuminism in all significant areas of culture, science, philosophy and politics across the globe. This is to be accomplishment by contribution based group work, study and activism in a logical, structured and flexible environment.




THE GNOSTIC COUNCIL referred to henceforth as TGC. TGC is the governing body of AIR, whose membership is composed of those deemed most Meritorious by their qualified peers. Any contributing member of AIR is eligible for admission into TGC through completion of an entrance test (rules and requirements subject to change through dialectical improvement). A maximum of twelve members and a minimum of three may sit for a term. A term lasts for one year. At the end of each term, the entrance test will be made available to AIR members wishing to join and re-taken by TGC members wishing to sit another term. Entrance tests are marked by a member of the outgoing TGC elected by majority vote from all members of AIR. A four-fifths majority of TGC member votes can overturn the results of a membership test in the case of suspected fraud or other relevant reasons. Members of the Council must demonstrate an above average level of Merit in their posts throughout their term and be willing to be available on a daily basis. Any Council member who is deemed unmeritorious at any time throughout the term, will be, by the simple majority vote of the Council, removed from office. All TGC members are subject to the same conditions as any AIR member. TGC will function as the round table group composed of the most meritorious members to act as participants in the overall decision making process of AIR. When a TGC member is dismissed, his position must be filled swiftly to prevent operational delays. The replacement must be sponsored by a current TGC member, and then a simple majority vote decides whether or not to extend the membership invitation.




Membership in AIR shall be based on continually demonstrated Merit and shall be nondiscriminatory on the basis of gender, age, disability, sexual preferences or gender identification, nationality, formal education and any other category to be further defined by vote of TGC. Membership is open to anyone possessing a competent grasp of Pythagorean Illuminism via the AC/GS material who states a wish to work towards the ultimate goal of establishing a society of Gods through activism; by means of contributing to our community association and retaliating against its enemies. Membership is contingent upon examination and an attestation of acceptance of the above two principles of contribution and retaliation. It is the expectation of the Community that all members will personalize their experience of Pythagorean Illuminism. Anyone simply cutting and pasting or quoting over 50% of their contributions or practicing outright plagiarism will be warned and penalised by TGC. All memberships are at the discretion of the simple majority of TGC. Merit must be demonstrated through a probationary period of 90 days and only thereafter, will the person be a full participating member of AIR.




The Situation Room (herein referred to as SR) is a secret forum for all AIR members to communicate freely about all AIR business including new ideas, internal disputes and any other business which should not be discussed in the public setting of AIR. All content within the SR will be held with strict confidence and absolute privacy. Any content from the SR disseminated publicly or wrongfully and thereby breaking the confidentiality and privacy rule will result in the termination of the offender’s membership in AIR.




“This is the official website in which finished works are presented to the public. ”The Webpage referred to as the AIR Review is the platform for the display and dissemination of contributions made by AIR or IR members. Contributions are to be made by submitting work using the Submit link in the AIR Member’s Area page ( This will then be edited and added to the webpage by the Editor or the Deputy Editor. The contribution must be over 500 words long and must include at least one photograph or video.
A link to the article will then be published on the AIR Facebook page which will show a preview, when clicked will allow access to the article in full.
The AIR Review sorts contributions into 5 categories but on the main AIR Review page, they appear in chronological order from the date of posting, but it is required that all contributions be listed under one of the five categories.
They are:
World – a topic of general relevance to the entire world.
Society – a topic relating to the humanities.
Editorial – a space for expressly Illuminist opinion to be displayed
Analyses – the analysis of ideas or events from an Illuminist perspective
Investigations – anything speculative in nature, or based on grassroots research.
All contributions are to be labelled as belonging to one of these categories.
All contributions are to meet the following editorial guidelines:
1. All facts stated must be verifiable as true such as providing a link to a website you used, or a reference from a book (even from the AC/GS). Furthermore you must be careful in your writing not to mislead readers. Say it straight.
2. Grammar and spelling must be impeccable.
3. Contributions must stay on topic and avoid ‘waffle.’
4. All topics must stick to Illuminist thinking. Any contributions veering into areas deemed to be irrational by TGC will be rejected.
5. All contributions must have a picture or video attached. Online content with graphics receives more views than those without.
6. All contributions must stick to the SEO guidelines. Revisions will be requested from AIR members until the format is correct.

SEO Formatting:

SEO is how webpages are noticed by Google or other search engines. In order to be seen by a search engine, all posts must contain the following features:

1. A Focus Keyword: This is a special word that the system will put forward to be ‘caught’ by Google. If your article is entitled “Why did Trump win the Election?” A logical keyword for you to select would be ‘trump.’ All submissions must have a chosen keyword stated at the top of the document. For example:


Keyword: trump”

2. The title of the contribution should have the keyword at the start of the sentence. For example:

“Trump: How did he win the election?”

3. Each post must be divided into at least two, preferably more subheadings, each subheading must contain your chosen key word. For example:

“Did the evangelicals help Trump win?”

4. A Meta-Description: This is a very small, maximum 160 character description of the post’s contents which must contain the keyword. This will appear under the blue link on a list of Google search engine results. For example:

“How did Trump win the election? Find out the surprising factors involved in winning him Office here.”

5. Keyword density. This is the amount of times the search keyword appears in the post’s text. A good estimate would be once per 100 words. However, if it is not relevant, do not repeat the keyword for its own sake. If your keyword is sensible, it will be the name of the subject you are discussing and so should come up regularly as you write. For example, if the article is about Trump, it is logically you will say the word ‘Trump’ a lot quite naturally.

6. Do not repeat keywords for more than one post. If another article is about Trump, maybe change the keyword to “president elect” or some other sensible option.


LINKS: It is good to provide links to previous AIR articles by yourself or other members, or to pages from the internet at large. When submitting a link, do so in this format:

“…in the article by Karen Shaw ( we can see…”

Do not attempt to format the text yourself, because WordPress will remove your link as it uses its own system. All text inputted is “plain text.”

YOUR NAME: Include your name in the document so that the editor knows who to credit.

CAPITALISATION: Avoid unnecessary capitalisation, if you wish to emphasise a word, use the italics function.

CORRECTIONS: Read over your own work before submitting it. It will save the editor time to manage other contributions if you do a thorough spelling and grammar check before handing it in.”




The activities of AIR are conducted according to the tenants of Hypatia’s Cube henceforth referred to as HC. HC is a system of operation which divides AIR’s activities into autonomous units tasked with executing a particular project. The HC system’s overall purpose is to accelerate the Omega Point Principle (OPP). Each Cube is commissioned by TGC through a simple majority vote. Each Cube will recruit members according to a Meritocratic criteria based off the skills required for that task. Each Cube has a leader, voted into position by a majority vote of his or her qualified peers. An established Cube may choose its own methods and platforms of communication based off of their unique needs. Every Cube is obliged to be transparent and open with AIR at large at all times and must be prepared to submit to an inspection by TGC at any time. TGC reserves the right to amend, pause or terminate the operations of any Cube at any time in response to project failure, deception, irreconcilable ideological differences or other pragmatic needs. Cubes may dissolve themselves by simply majority vote should they feel that the project will fail or that their skills are better required elsewhere. Precise rules and regulations for all Cubes are subject to the dialectic and may vary with time and pragmatic needs. All Cubes must make the dialectic implicit in their operations.




AIR bases its ideology according to the work set forth by the following authors, covering the following subject matter:


Mike Hockney (M.H): Philosophy: Hyper Rationalism – Ontological Mathematics.


Adam Weishaupt (A.W): Politics and Economics – Meritocracy and Social Capitalism.


Michael Faust (M.F): Culture and the Arts



Every active member of AIR is obliged to submit one piece of original work per week, the deadline being Sunday for display on the AIR page. A contribution can consist of any creative endeavor such an essay, piece of art, poem or any other form approved of by the acting TGC. TGC reserve the right to amend contribution criteria pragmatically throughout their active term.




Non-contributing members will be contacted by an acting Admin on behalf of TGC after two consecutive weeks of non-excused absence. After a transparent investigation, they will be judged and either warned or given an ultimatum. Refusal to comply with warnings or final ultimatums will result in removal from AIR on a permanent basis after a period of two weeks of inactivity.




AIR and TGC members will not associate or be linked to any known troll or open enemy of Pythagorean Illuminism. They may not have any social media contact with recognized enemies of Illuminism. AIR members will have two weeks to sever any ties with known trolls or enemies. If they refuse or fail to sever those ties, they will be removed from AIR and added to the list of known enemies, associates of enemies and traitors to the cause of Pythagorean Illuminism. It is expected that any future friend requests will be vetted to ensure that the person is not a known troll or enemy. It is also expected that if they are discovered to be a troll or enemy, that fact will be announced to the group as a whole. All members must regularly check and clear their own friends lists, however due to the ever changing nature of Facebook networks, it is possible to become associated with trolls by accident. If a AIR member should discover this they are to inform a member of TGC who will contact the member in a private message clearly and calmly asking them to remove the offender at their earliest convenience. At no point should verbal abuse be used to coerce anyone to comply. Should they comply, the matter is to be dropped. If they neglect to act upon their promise, the member shall be removed and condemned in the Situation Room as a troll sympathizer or enabler.

AIR and IR are both to have an acting troll detection officer (TDO) who is a member of TGC. The TDO’s role is to monitor chatter on all platforms assigned to them including web pages, web forums, social media pages, groups or personal profiles. If they detect evidence of trolling or have evidence reported to them, they are to post that evidence in TGC Facebook group. The TDO has executive power, anytime after posting the evidence, they may order the AIR membership to unfriend and block the troll in question with immediate effect. The TDO may seek second opinions but the decision to unfriend and block is not subject to vote because voting on a case by case basis is too slow, and significant damage to group synergy and stability can occur while voting is in session.

If TGC considers the TDO’s decision to be in error, a vote may be undertaken to overturn the TDO’s decision




All AIR activities must be directed toward achieving the Omega Point. Any activity which goes against this principle is in direct opposition to reason and will be condemned. Repeated participation in such activities will be brought to the attention of TGC for warning, ultimatum or removal from AIR.




Members shall constantly act to promote Illuminism by bringing as many qualified people into consideration for membership as possible. While outreach is a critical function, it is necessary to exercise discretion at all times in mentioning the Pythagorean Illuminati or any of our policies and practices. Any person who shows the appropriate open mind and merit should be approached and given the opportunity to seek membership in AIR. At the same time, ensure that AIR is protected from any potential threat or enemy being brought into the community under false pretenses. All members must promote the AC/GS materials in all areas of society where possible.




All member’s personalities are to be judged and assessed by TGC as beneficial to the overall aims of AIR on a continuous basis. TGC reserves the right to terminate membership based off of undesirable personality traits such as ‘lone wolfism’, ‘maverickism’ or any other state yet to be defined.




All AIR members are not permitted to share or distribute Illuminist material on third party forums which are not allied to Illuminism. This includes conspiracy theory, religious, mystical or other sites due to the risk of trolling and attracting the enemies of Illuminism. Any content created for such sites is considered a waste of human resources which should be solely focused on the AIR platform. Any exceptions to this rule are to be approved by TGC before posting. Any member discovered posting on such third party forums will be warned by TGC, continual posting will result in the permanent termination of AIR membership.




Discussion in AIR and TGC should be fraternal, supportive and constructive. Unacceptable debate is defined as that which is logically fallacious, specifically that which contradicts any of The Ten Commandments of Logic. Members displaying emotional, ad hominem or unreasonable responses will be warned, given an ultimatum or removed from the group by decision of a simple majority plus one in TGC. Consideration shall be given to the context of the argument and the states of minds of both parties at the time.




AIR will not tolerate bullying, intimidation, harassment or abuse of any sort inflicted on or by any members of AIR. This includes emotional, physical or cyber bullying which could cause emotional or physical damage. In cases where a reasonable boundary is set (as determined by quorum of the Council) and the offender ignored that reasonable boundary request and continued to engage in the offending behavior, it will considered to be a violation.

TGC reserves the right to decide on a case by case basis whether any incident should be considered an instance of bullying, using the guiding principle that the bully has inflicted, or has generated reasonable risk of inflicting damage regardless of whether it be physical, emotional, social or financial upon the bullied. All instances of bullying should be reported to TGC, the first offence will carry a warning, and the second, AIR membership termination. TGC is to be thorough in separating petty, personal disputes from instances of bullying.




All complaints are to be directed to the acting Admins of AIR in an articulate manner for consideration by TGC. No abusive language is to be tolerated and all claims and accusation must be supported with credible evidence. TGC, via the Admin will respond to any complaints in due course. If two members of AIR are in dispute, and an official complaint has been lodged, with the result being unsatisfying to either party, then either may appeal. Two procedural options are then available. Option one: a public post outlining the context of the dispute is to be made on the Situation Room. The aggrieved and the accused will then discuss the issue in the comments section to be witnessed by all. The final decision is then to be made by majority vote of TGC not subject to appeal. Option two: If the issue is considered to be too private for a public discussion, a three way private messaging conversation may be opened between the aggrieved and the accused, mediated by an appointed TGC member. This member will make the final decision not subject to appeal. If the dispute directly involves a TGC member, they are excluded from the proceedings and the remainder of the council maintains judicial authority. Minor misdemeanors: A minor misdemeanor is defined as a violation of AIR rules which do not warrant the AIR member to be put on probation. Instead, a formal criticism will be placed on the Situation Room which will allow other members to learn from the mistakes of others. The publicity of the letter is to act as a deterrent but the actual identities of the offenders will be kept in privacy. TGC decides which offences are to be considered minor misdemeanors, and the contents of the formal letter are at TGC’s discretion. if the minor misdemeanor directly involves a TGC member, they are excluded from the process with the remainder of TGC maintaining judiciary authority. The accused may add an anonymous message of explanation / apology to the message if they so choose.




All prospective AIR applicants are subject to an entrance test worded as follows:

“Thank you for applying for the Apollo Institute of Reason, to be considered for entry you must complete a short series of questions to show your level of familiarity with the AC/GS material. Assuming you agree to these terms, you will be required to contribute at least one creative contribution such as an article, minimum 500 words, piece of art, poem, essay etc per week as per the Sunday contribution policy. 1. Briefly and in your own words summarise Ontological mathematics. 2. Briefly and in your own words, summarise left wing Meritocracy. 3. Briefly and in your own words summarise the religion of the AC/GS. 4. Briefly and in your own words summarise either the main logical problems with empirical science or with free market capitalism. Length and detail are left to your discretion. The decision will be made by vote of The Gnostic Council, the governing body of the Apollo Institute of Reason. Completed questions to be sent to me directly. Thank you for your interest.”

The response is to be directed to the Admin who will present it to TGC. TGC will then vote yes or no to admittance based off of the relative merit of the response. A simple majority TGC vote decides the motion. Applicants failing to be accepted may apply again, submitting an improved response. There is no limit to the number of times an applicant may apply. If a well meaning applicant fails the application test, they are required to participate in Illuminism Rising for three months. After which, they may apply again.



AIR or IR members who have contributed weekly without incident for over a period of three months can apply for compassionate leave. In order to apply for this leave, the AIR or IR member must submit a request to a member of TGC detailing the reasons for the request. TGC votes with a simple majority to approve or reject the application. The compassionate leave may last up to six months, with a mandatory monthly review in which the member must update TGC on the status of their situation. It is up to the AIR of IR member to submit this, and not for TGC to request it. If the case persists beyond the six month time limit, they must submit a new leave application. TGC may request any evidence it sees fit to legitimise the application. It is the responsibility of the member to provide it on request.

TGC reserves the right to terminate the compassionate leave or request further information at any time throughout the process.

The rights of those on leave are identical to contributing members except without the expectations of the weekly contribution. If the AIR or IR member believes they cannot fulfil the leave requirements, they may resign from IR or AIR with full termination of membership, but with permission to reapply for membership in the future.




Illuminism Rising is an independent affiliate of AIR (Apollo Institute of Reason) mainly for those who aspire to become full AIR members through study, project work and engagement with the Illuminist Seminal texts. The group is primarily a study group, with the specific intent of allowing its students to graduate to AIR with merit, and bringing them into full Sync with the procedures and requirements of AIR. The texts studied will primarily be the Hyperreality books by Authors Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust. Also Brother Cato, Brother Spartacus, Brother Malus and Brother Abaris. Other relevant texts may also be covered in due course.
Illuminism Rising is run by a member of TGC (The Gnostic Council) and acts as the point of contact to the parent organisation. Illuminism Rising is entitled to independent administration within the structure provided by the Principles of Meritocracy. Illuminism Rising is obliged to report for inspection at request of TGC. Admittance and dismissal of Illuminism Rising members is at the discretion of the Admin, who may also refer cases to TGC if they require a second opinion.




AIR and TGC votes will be decided by the aforementioned ratios per policy. All votes should be made with demonstrable recourse to reason, logic, a grounding in the AC/GS books and materials and the principles of Ontological Mathematics and OPP. Votes clearly made on the basis of emotion or ad hominem attack, may be brought to TGC for investigation and action. There shall be elected within TGC, a Secretary, whose function is record any matters deemed necessary to be brought to the attention of the majority membership. They will also be responsible for archiving all discussions within AIR group in its online presence.


DISSOLUTION POLICY: If TGC by a simple majority plus one vote, decide to dissolve AIR on the basis of logical and irrefutable circumstances, they shall call a full meeting of TG300 for a yes/no vote in which all active members must participate. Abstentions are strictly forbidden. If the decision is found to be good by a simple majority plus one of AIR, the group shall be dissolved. TGC shall have the authority to dispose of as they see fit, any assets, /including intellectual property held by or in the name of AIR.


ADDENDA: Amendment drafted 07/11/2016 – Updated complaints procedure. Amendment approved by TGC on 07/1 /2016


AMENDMENT POLICY: Any future amendments to this constitution, such as the addition of a fiscal policy or other novel structures in AIR will be voted on by the acting TGC after an extensive consultation period with AIR. A two-thirds majority is required to implement any amendments, all TGC must vote. Abstentions in regards to amendment ballots are absolutely forbidden.