What is Meritocracy?

Left Wing Meritocracy is a political system designed to give every citizen an equal opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life by removing all forms of nepotism, cronyism and privilege. Left wing Meritocracy was first proposed by the Pythagorean Illuminati. The attainment of wealth in this system will be due to the fruits of one's own talents and effort. However, one's wealth must never reach a point when it can be used as a political weapon through the creation of elite, dynastic families. At no point in human history has a left wing Meritocracy been implemented, leaving it one of the few entirely untested social and political systems.


The tenets of left wing Meritocracy are summarized using the Five Principles of Meritocracy.


1. NO NEPOTISM: It's not who your parents are, it's who you are.


2. NO CRONYISM: It's not what others can do for you, it's what YOU can do.


3. NO DISCRIMINATION: Gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, background, are all irrelevant. Talent is everything.


4. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES: You start from the same point as everyone else, and you go as far as your talents take you.


5. REWARDING MERIT: The highest rewards for the highest achievers.


According to the Pythagorean Illuminati, the richest people on earth, whom they call the Old World Order retain their wealth only by keeping the general populous relatively poor. They directly correlate money with power, stating that the people are explicitly not in control of their own destinies, but are instead under the tyranny of banks, corporations, bond markets, dynastic families, monarchs and so forth.


They claim that money is a proximity phenomenon, in other words the closer you are to the flow of money, the more powerful you are. Contrary to popular belief; the public good, merit, morality, fairness, justice and rationality are not features of consumer capitalism and so are at odds with the Meritocratic values that many Western nations claim to uphold. The say that the 'dollar' is in fact a unit of power. Those who are poor are deficient in power and those who are rich have it in abundance. Those who are deficient have no influence and are effectively rendered politically impotent, and those with abundance are deemed to be fully in charge. They commonly refer to Rousseau's conception of a General Will versus a Private Will. Since a dollar is a unit of power, private capital holders are thus able to rule in favour of the private will. The vast majority of the public however, deficient in Capital and hence power are not able to represent the General Will in politics. The result is that political action will reflect the Private Will, effectively granting the richest in society oligarchical power.


According to Faust, Meritocracy is needed to replace a money based power system because it better reflects the General Will. They claim that currently, politics is merely repeating the same tried and failed techniques of the past which appointed the same staff and reinforced the same system. It is with this in mind that they claim democracy is no longer a viable option for human government as it is merely a front for a Capitalist Plutocracy. The 100% Inheritance Tax is not designed to raise State revenues, its primary purpose is to prevent dynastic families reemerging and promoting anti-Meritocratic values.

Faust claims that people's character will reflect the political system which they live in. Meritocracy is designed to be creative, rational and idealistic. The citizens of the Meritocratic state reflect the nature of the system and behave more creatively, rationally and idealistically. Faust advocates using psychology to design society with these goals in mind rather than letting society develop organically. As a result, the State's purpose becomes the enhancement of its citizens and government officials are judged according to their ability to improve the quality of the people. This contrasts with the current criteria for judging politicians, which focuses on rates of employment rather than the relative benefits of those jobs to society. Faust views current governments as only providing "bread and circuses" to the public, rather than any genuine means of improvement.

Faust claims that a rational Meritocratic state cannot be founded until a generation free of parental brainwashing can be raised. Capitalist democracy and religions such as the Abrahamic religions are some of the things that must be removed from society because their associated ideologies are incompatible with left wing Meritocracy. Since Pythagorean Illuminism associates the Abrahamic religions with irrationality, filicide, genocide, psychopathy and oppression, they view parental indoctrination of children with religious beliefs to be a form of child abuse. As a result, the Meritocratic state is duty bound to create a rational, stable and secure environment for children to be raised in free from perceived malignant influences.

In a Left Wing Meritocracy, so called Reason Schools are implemented which are designed to uphold the methods and values of Meritocracy. As a result, all faith based schools will be illegal. Only State schools will be permitted. Reason Schools will use psychological profiling to place students in bespoke classes so that each personality type is granted an education in line with their natural tendencies. The goal is to create the optimal learning environment for every child. The Meritocratic State is obliged to provide 100,000 hours of education to each citizen so that everyone has the opportunity to become an expert in their chosen field.

Pythagorean Illuminism views capitalist democracy as disproportionally favouring rich capital holders over working class people. These advantages are transferred to children through inheritance. Those inheriting a lot have a much greater chance at economic and social success in the future than those that inherit little. In order for left wing Meritocracy to function, inheritance, viewed as a sort of nepotism must be eradicated through the imposition of the 100% inheritance tax. This guarantees that all children have equal opportunities to succeed in the world as none will have any economic advantages over another. The collected inheritance tax will be reinvested in education and other public works.


In left wing Meritocracy, the dead have no rights. Rights are the sole property of living human beings. The Meritocratic Commonwealth has a right to all assets possessed by the deceased. Inheritance is considered a form of governance from the grave.


In a Meritocracy all wealth is owned by the Commonwealth and loaned to a person during the span of their life. The Commonwealth owns all things eternally. Loaned wealth upon death of the loanee is to be returned to the Commonwealth, failure to do so is considered theft. Furthermore, anyone who enriches the land in order to benefit their heirs are considered criminals as all land belong to the Commonwealth.

In a left wing Meritocracy, only those who are currently alive are permitted to make, edit or repeal laws. As a result, the constitution of the State should be revised every generation allowing each one to decide their own fate. Each generation has the opportunity to approve, improve or remove any law put in place by a previous generation who, since their death no longer have the right to make, remove or edit laws. Capitalist democracy is considered by the Pythagorean Illuminati to be designed to maintain the rule of the deceased on behalf of their heirs in perpetuity, as such it is considered the worst form of nepotism and is treated as a criminal offence.

The Pythagorean Illuminati consider modern governments to be controlled by the economic free market. They claim that politicians have no true control over the market, but the market has extreme control over government making capitalist democracies effectively capitalist plutocracies. As a result, democracies are fraudulent because the public's vote cannot take precedence over market interests. Running against popular belief, in this view democracy and capitalism are incompatible because the free market is extra political and unaccountable to the public. The Pythagorean Illuminati claim that democracy is a myth fed to the public to grant them the illusion of power over political affairs. The richest in society as controllers of the market and as a result, controllers of politics are not considered fit to rule because they act in the name of the particular will over the general will. In a Meritocracy, the State controls money creation and handling thus keeping power in the hands of the people in the name of the general will. Private banks will be strictly prohibited, but small private businesses encouraged.

A unit of credit such as currency in left wing Meritocracy will be awarded only in lieu of a meritorious action. No person is allowed to credit another's account nor put them in debt. All credits and debits are incurred solely by the individual. Crediting or debiting someone else's account is considered a criminal offence as it equates to a relative level on unearned power. All earned wealth is granted proportionally, there can be no rich man's premium, in which someone who is a small percentage better than the competition, earns a large percentage more than the competition. The most meritorious will be the richest in society, however they will only be permitted to be 10-20 times richer than the poorest to prevent the accumulation of excessive wealth.


Wealth as measured in land is solely the property of the Commonwealth. Those who put in effort, have talent and make contributions to society will be awarded more land than those who contribute less. The land however is theirs only for the duration of the life, after which it returns to the Commonwealth. This system reflects the equality of communism but also the incentives of capitalism throughout a person's lifetime.

In Capitalist Democracies, property law permits people to buy land forever through inheritance. In a Meritocracy, an eternally binding contract is illegal because it binds unborn children against their will to the decisions of their ancestors. In effect, it can make children slaves to the past. A Meritocracy will enforce a system of time limited, personal contracts.


The only eternal entity in a Meritocracy is the State itself, while the individual is a temporal entity. As a result, a binding eternal contract cannot be made with a temporal entity. Only a temporary contract may be struck with a temporal entity. The death of the individual signals the cancelling of any contracts held by the individual. The State is not indebted to the heirs of the individual who must create their own contracts with the State. Furthermore, any contracts made between two people are null and void upon the death of any one of them and any contracts made without the State's approval will be null and void in general. If two States (eternal entities) sign a contract with each other, an expiry date must be explicitly stated as a State cannot die. As for corporations, as eternal entities, they too must state an expiry date which is non-binding on all entities and the Meritocratic State who were not involved in its creation. A contract between an individual and a corporation will be null and void as the individual dies or when the corporation is no longer trading.

The categorical imperative of Immanuel Kant is applied to law making in a Meritocracy. All laws before they are enacted must be thought through until they reach their logical conclusion. Only laws which remain sane and tenable even when taken to their extremes, may be enacted. Current law in a Capitalist Democracy, taken to its logical conclusion would theoretically permit one person to buy all of the land on the earth. Such a thing is untenable, hence current property law is formally invalid in a Meritocracy. Any law which becomes absurd in the extreme, is flawed in its initial claim.

The Pythagorean Illuminati claim that only a revolution in which Capitalist Democracy is entirely overthrown can Left Wing Meritocracy become a reality. In order to do so, they maintain that the most wealthy in society must be permanently removed and no person allowed to gain so much wealth in the future. Faust criticises anti-Capitalist movements such as Occupy for not having a system in place to replace Capitalism. Left Wing Meritocracy is proposed as a viable solution and encourages all anti-Capitalist movements to come together to implement the 100% Inheritance Tax. Faust claims that the overthrow of the Capitalist elite is vital to all left wing movements across the board.

There is a heavy emphasis on cooperation in left wing Meritocracy, however the State is also obliged to optimise each individual citizen. The Pythagorean Illuminati view present day individualism as selfish and libertarian in nature desiring minimal interference from the State. They maintain that humans, as social animals are naturally cooperative and are more likely to fulfil their potential working in a cooperative society. They claim that an individual only make sense in relation to others so individualism and collectivism are viewed as a Hegelian thesis and antithesis. The Meritocratic State is designed to interfere with the lives of the people in order to optimise their quality. The main method of doing so will be the mandatory education system.

Religious expression in public is illegal in a left wing Meritocracy since the Pythagorean Illuminati view it as a negative influence on human evolution and a promoter of conservative values. Expressions of religious faith are considered an entirely private matter which remains separate from society and the State. Public displays of religion are viewed as oppressive to others who adhere to another or no religion.

There is no official voting age in a left wing Meritocracy. A person's voting power is based off of academic qualifications, work experience, or a citizen's examination. The more of these a person possesses, the more votes they are permitted. If an individual wishes to vote on a matter outside of their area of expertise, they must sit a citizen examination. This is a test of general knowledge relating to the subject under voting. If the individual demonstrates they have sufficient knowledge of the subject, then they are granted a vote. Such exams are free of charge so that all members of society have equal access.

Every citizen is entitled to free general health care. Any complex or experimental procedures are covered by a mandatory Crisis Insurance policy which is paid into by all citizens. Ideally, as Meritocracy progresses and improves, all health care should be made free but up until that is proven feasible, only general cover is provided. Controversial treatments such as abortion and euthanasia are addressed by Meritocratic States according to Meritocratic values. The conclusions of individual states dictate their legality.

Laws in a left wing Meritocracy are interpreted according to the intent of the law, rather than the letter. Loopholes are considered irrelevant. For example, a law forbidding tax avoidance covers all aspects of tax avoidance even those conducted on a legal technicality. Legal technicalities themselves are considered illegal.

Every institution of the government is designed with dialectical improvement in mind. The reasoning behind this is so that improvement is constant through continual reiterations of thesis, antithesis and synthesis stages. All aspects of government are refined dialectically.

Beauty is a requirement in a left wing Meritocracy as humans learn better in an appealing environment. A visually unappealing environment is not considered fit for purpose.

All citizens are entitled to high quality housing in a social environment with like minded people. Housing based on psychological profiling and Phalanstery like accommodation are valid options.

The BBC's slogan "Educate, inform and entertain" will be reapplied with a State owned media as the Pythagorean Illuminati view the BBC having failed in their remit. No private media moguls who intend to generate maximum ratings for maximum profits are permitted.

The Arts and Culture are given great value in a left wing Meritocracy. A vibrant art economy is encourage with all forms of art seen as a valuable learning experience. Human beings are seen as being better placed in creative jobs whilst more mundane work should be fully automated.

All drugs are fully legalised, manufactured, quality controlled and sold by the government to replace the black market. Research and development are also conducted into creating the safest and best performing recreational drugs.

The same as recreational drugs, the Sex Industry is adopted by the State to ensure that all sex workers are properly paid, kept safe and the service is affordable and available to all. The Pythagorean Illuminati view sex as innately healthy and should be available for all citizens including those not in a sexual relationship. Left wing Meritocracy considers sexual fulfilment a right.

Society is designed to reflect the creative energy for the ancient Greek city states, allowing much small areas to be autonomous and self governing within a Meritocratic framework.

The Meritocratic Values

1. Merit

2. Freedom

3. Equality of Opportunity

4. Dignity

5. Psychological well being

6. Reason / Logic

7. Quality

8. Creativity

9. Aspiration

10. Community

Traditional, or 'right wing' Meritocracy exists within a Capitalist Democracy. A left wing Meritocracy is incompatible with a class based society because children born into different social classes have different chances of success in life. Those with more wealth will become more successful due to their wealth and not their talents.

In a left wing Meritocracy, the most talented and competent individuals are in charge of that aspect of life in which they are qualified. As a result, there is no one individual who is qualified in everything. The supreme power in a Meritocratic state is a Round Table of qualified governors. It would follow the First Among Equals principle. For example, the most Meritorious bio-scientist would make all decisions relating to bio-science. The best town planner with town planning. The best economist with economics and so on.