Posted by niallacaldwell on June 11, 2017

The AIR Announcement

Greetings one and all, it has been a while since this site has been updated because we have been setting up a new system within AIR. So after a lot of head scratching, this is what the organisation will look like from now on.


Everyday (excluding weekends because even the Gnostic Heretic needs to chill) we will be hosting the AIR Review. A written summary of internal AIR news as well our view of current events happening all over the world, and how they relate to our mission.


Between the daily updates, written essays and other posts will be displayed, educating and inspiring our readers to revolutionary action.



Posted by niallacaldwell on May 4, 2017

You Don’t Care!

You don’t seriously care about anything. You have all the right thoughts and opinions, but you don’t care. You hold those thoughts and opinions because they make you comfortable and they make you appear good. You, however, are not good and you do not deserve to be comfortable.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 30, 2017

Partisan Politics is Powerless

For over the past decade, I have witnessed the political pendulum swing from Republican to Democrat, and now back to Republican, and nothing significant has changed. Each party has failed spectacularly: the American nation is continuously diving deeper into debt; the country’s infrastructure is still sorely neglected; alternatives to fossil fuel energies aren’t pushed as much as they should be because of Big Oil/Big Coal interests; and both sides of the two party system can’t seem to agree on anything to move the country forward. The people and the political rhetoric directed to them continues to call for big changes to “make America great again”, but it will never happen until partisan politics becomes a thing of the past.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 24, 2017

Rational Laws for Irrational People

Throughout human history there has been great scientific discoveries that turned our notions about the world upside down. Various social systems and institutions have been created to ensure the balance of power and maintain an optimal, better society of rational justice and prosperity. There are many of these great ideas about how to improve human life. But how many of these ideas, discoveries and rational institutions penetrated into society? The plain truth is, that even well-proven scientific theories were initially accepted only by a tiny number of people.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 23, 2017

Rule by the Dead

The illustrious Thomas Jefferson once said about inheritance, “…the earth belongs in usufruct to the living … the dead have neither powers nor rights over it. The portion occupied by an individual ceases to be his when himself ceases to be, and reverts to the society. … This principle that the earth belongs to the living, and not to the dead, is of very extensive application and consequences … The dead should not rules the living.”



Posted by niallacaldwell on April 22, 2017

A Profile of a Dominant Extrover

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a ride from the company recruiter. We had a social event going on in town, and he offered to give a few of us a ride to the event. I can be grateful to him for the offer, and it certainly saved me a lot of trouble. However, during the ride I received a glimpse of a personality that I found to be rather frightening. He was a dominant extrovert.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 19, 2017

Disgusting Thinkers: Slavery

From this week on I will start a new series of articles called “Disgusting Thinkers”. It will focus on intellectuals who have defended seriously and passionately untenable, anti-social or plainly anti-human ideas. Those thinkers have extolled what is the lowest in man. To them, crime was a virtue and virtue – a crime. The series will delve deeply into the intellectual vindication of hatred, abuse, mental sickness and libertarianism. Up first is slavery.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 18, 2017

WiseBites Episode 29: The Turkish Fuhrer

After the First World War, the Ottoman Empire was thoroughly destroyed. A long, sick regime had finally breathed its last. Once this happened, the Republic of Turkey formed under the guidance of Mustafa Kemal, the first Turkish President. Kemal was later labelled Ataturk, or the father of the Turks. The old monarchy was abolished and he set about dismantling the State which was based upon religion, and recreating it as a modern, secular state with a secular constitution.
It is as if we are in an entirely differently world now though, ironically one much more like Ottoman times. The current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a conservative Islamist has succeeded, by a small margin in winning a referendum in concentrating many powers into his hands. This has effectively made him a dictator within a so called democracy. It brings to mind Vladimir Putin. This has left the entire country a sorely divided place about to step further away from the enlightenment than it ever has been.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 13, 2017

Some Advice from the Rich (Satire)

The rich are the backbone of this country. They are the most gifted, diligent and apt individuals who through their endowments have soured above the common people. They built, with their own hands the factories and offices where you are working to provide you with a meaningful way of existence. Otherwise you are sure to idle away your time, become constantly drunk and drugged and finally die. They allow you to earn your sustenance humbly and diligently. They thus teach you self-discipline, respect for labor and sober life. They guarantee you work so that you can procreate. Do you imagine having family and breeding your children without the generous salaries that they pay you? After you partake in the miracle of life, thanks to your benefactors, they will help you again and teach your children how to be diligent and faithful workers too.


Posted by niallacaldwell on April 13, 2017

The Rich Man’s Welfare

These days, everyone says that we live in a welfare state where everyone believes themselves to be entitled to a basic standard of living while doing no productive, meaningful work for the good of the nation. Every time this hollow platitude is blurted out on the news media (or in your own home, workplace, or school), it almost seems to gain universal acceptance without any further thought into its basic premise. That premise is that the rich are morally superior to the poor because they do more work and give more to the people, the nation, and the world; on the other hand, the poor fail in every regard, and must be assisted by the State, to the detriment of everyone else. Of course, anyone who has studied a bit of history knows that the so-called “welfare state” arose when Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted the New Deal after the capitalist-caused Great Depression began with the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The whole idea of social welfare came about as a result of the rapacious capitalism practiced by the rich elites who subscribe to a similar doctrine of financial assistance: inheritance.