“Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language.” – Wittgenstein

We use language to think, to talk to each other, to write, to form beliefs, religions, philosophies, and so on. But what if we are using the wrong language? Do we have “wrong thoughts” because we are using the wrong language? Do we have wrong religions and philosophies for exactly the same reason?

What’s the right language? If we could find the right language, could we then think correctly, without error, without delusion, without fantasy? Would the right language give us the right religion, the right philosophy? Would it explain reality to us?

What’s the point of this choice of pills? It’s about whether you want Truth or Lies. The remarkable thing is that although most people believe they would take the red pill, in fact most of them are addicted to the blue pill. They can’t do without it. They are Cyphers, not Neos.

The Truth is not human. The Truth preceded humanity, and will survive humanity. It has nothing to do with humanity. The moment you try to find a Truth that’s appealing to humans, and, especially, to you personally, you have admitted that you want to shape the Truth in your image, and you don’t want the Truth as it is in itself, wholly independent of humans and their beliefs, opinions, tastes and feelings. The Truth doesn’t come to you. You have to go to it. And you have to go as the humblest of supplicants, and the most impartial and disinterested of enquirers. You must never be partisan, eager for the Truth to have such and such a character.