Mark Romel

The Seer of Unreality

It’s finally happening. Reality is disintegrating. The Age of Nihilism is dawning. Fake news, post-truth, post-facts, alternative facts, “everyone has their own truth”, the Dunning-Kruger effect, Mythos, hyperreality, hyporeality, virtual reality, virtual irreality, simulation, simulacra, the copy without the original, the map that precedes the territory, the authentic fake. Whom will you believe? Whom will you trust? Who is telling the truth? Who is lying to you?

It’s time to explore the Unreal city, the Unreal world. Soon enough, humanity itself will be Unreal.

It takes a fool to participate in a race he cannot win, a race which he is guaranteed to lose. The race of life is designed to ensure you fail ... unless you belong to the privileged elite. This is a race in which it is not the fastest runners who win, but those who, thanks to inheritance, are brazenly, arrogantly and obnoxiously placed right in front of the finishing line. They need only take a step to win. They could fall over and still win. It takes a fool all right to support this mad game, and that’s exactly what the system produces: fools in their countless legions, all of whom believe themselves inside dopesters who know it all. They are the foot soldiers of the Dumbocracy, the Idiocracy, the Moronarchy. They are all slavish followers of Freedumb.

Imagine the Spirit of America as the Fisher King – the Maimed King – of the medieval Arthurian romances. The King is charged with preserving the Holy Grail (American greatness). But the King has been wounded in the genitals and rendered impotent. The power of the Grail is the only thing that keeps him alive. He cannot move. He is unable to perform his tasks. His kingdom suffers just as he does. His impotence stretches across all the land, affecting its fertility, devastating it and turning it into a barren wasteland. The Wounded King reigns over a cursed land.
Is that not America today? It is a divided, bitter, angry land, full of warring factions. It has no unity. It does not know which direction to go in. It has lost its way. It no longer knows the path.
The King has to wait for someone to save him, to heal him. Only the chosen can accomplish the feat.

This is a very strange world, and getting stranger all the time. Actually, it’s not the “world” that’s getting stranger, it’s people. Their minds are full of the most bizarre ideas. People’s beliefs are becoming weirder and weirder by the day. Everyone believes their own propaganda. No one accepts the Truth. Everyone makes up their own truth, based on their own opinions, beliefs, experiences and feelings. It’s illiberal – politically incorrect – to tell people they are wrong. It flies in the face of multiculturalism. It seems authoritarian and fascist. It seems to contradict free speech since if you tell people they are wrong, you are implying you want them to stop speaking. And so you do. As Pythagoras said, “Be silent, or say something better than silence.”

We live in a world where every idiot must be permitted to ventilate as much as they like. Trolling is regarded as a First Amendment right.

Everyone can see the signs. The British political class have failed to understand reality, and their Reign of Error will soon be over. New voices will emerge and replace the decrepit, bankrupt system that has dutifully served the British establishment for as long as anyone can remember.

Veteran political commentators openly confess they can no longer predict what will happen next, in which case they are irrelevant, inept, and useless. They ought to resign. Who needs dinosaurs to tell us about mammals?

Opinion polls are less and less reliable. They failed to predict the result of the 2015 general election, they failed to predict Brexit, they failed to reflect the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

False Awakening: A convincing dream about awakening from sleep, when in reality you are still asleep.

Wake up!

What is the most sinister world you can imagine, the worst of all possible worlds? It’s the one where all of the people are endarkened but believe themselves enlightened. None of them wants to change because they think they are perfect. They exist forever in this benighted condition, doing nothing to discover the Truth of reality, to find the answers to existence, to see the real light rather than the fake light.

Our world is full of the fake enlightened, the phony awakened, the fraudulent “lightworkers”. The so-called light they perceive is “darkness visible”, i.e. Satanic light, the light of hell.

“Men are so necessarily mad, that not to be mad would amount to another form of madness.” – Blaise Pascal

Crazy people get locked up. Their madness is easy to detect. They have drastically disordered thoughts. It’s as if their dream content is leaking into their daytime reality. They don’t make sense. They can’t keep it together. They’re incoherent. They can’t interact meaningfully with others. They have lost touch with reality.