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Capitalism: The World's Greatest Con

The UK is swamped with nepotism and cronyism. The political elite make a living out of rubbing it in our faces.


It is about time we reasserted the sovereignty of the people over that of the rich and the privileged and take the country back from the real criminals: The Capitalist Elite.

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Thieves, thieves and liars!

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Are you sick and tired of the Tories telling you that it's your fault you don't have a job? That you deserve to be poor because you don't 'work hard enough?'


We are too which is why we've decided to put a stop to it. We propose that the estate tax for the wealthy be put at 100%.


That will force the entitled elite, like Mrs May to start at the bottom like the rest of us. They do not deserve their privileges.


All that they have, they have stolen from the people. Let's take it back.

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The Only Solution

Today, the most popular people are in government. But popularity does not mean that they are any good at the job, often the opposite.


A charismatic, attractive politician uses their appeal to lie to you and manipulate you.


The only way to fix this is to put those who are most qualified in positions of power. It is Merit, not popularity that should rule the UK.

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A Whole New Type of Government


At the moment, government is defined as nothing more than the body which makes the laws of the country. But there is nothing beyond this. No guiding principle, no higher purpose.


Under the Meritocracy Party, government will be officially redefined as "the governing institution which exists only to enhance the potential and lifestyle of the people."


If the government is seen to neglect the needs of the people at any time, checks and balances will be put in place to remove that government from power.

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