What is Illuminism?


A Gnostic Religion

Illuminism is a religion, philosophy and science expressed through the medium of Ontological Mathematics.

Firstly, let's view it as a religion. In this way, it is the highest expression of Gnosticism.

Gnosticism is the belief that the material world is controlled by a malevolent creator known as the Demiurge. This world is the hell he created in which humanity finds itself held prisoner.

The material world is seductive at the first glance, and that is how the Demiurge tempts souls into it, once trapped they forget how to get out again.

It is the goal of the Gnostic, to rediscover that sacred knowledge required to return to the 'Pleroma.' Immaterial heaven where the true immaterial God resides. Once a soul learns this knowledge, they are themselves immaterial, and as a result they become a God!

Illuminism is about becoming God.


A Hyperrational Philosophy

The philosopher Wilhelm Hegel created a model of evolution known as the dialectic.

The dialectic involves continuing cycles of a thesis, opposed by an antithesis and improved in a synthesis. This a method through which reason evolves and the universe progressively becomes more rational.

In order for the Universe to display continually improving rationality, the universe must, at its heart be made of reason. This is known as 'panlogism' - Logic is everywhere.


The philosophy of Illuminism is that all is reason, and as we, as innately rational entities evolve we are literally becoming Gods.


A Mathematical Science

The philosopher Leibniz claimed that everything, at its core was made of monads. Dimensionless points which correspond not only to physical sub-atomic particles, but to immortal souls.

These monads contain a full and complete set of sinusoidal waves which are combined in innumerable ways. Some of these sinusoids are released into the monadic arena along with the energies of all other monads. This is none other than the material world.

When the higher energy sinusoids, which remain contained within monads are combined, they constitute none other than the thoughts of living things.

Everything is alive in Illuminism, but it is not conscious. Basic matter is alive, but is so primitive that it appears to the senses to obey random physical laws. As dirt and water turns into organisms, more and more consciousness is displayed. This culminates with humans, conscious self aware entities. But there is much more to unlock within our minds, and when our consciousness expands and reaches a tipping point, we have literally become Gods.


Illuminism says - "Let there be light, and that light is inside you."